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May 25, 2012 06:33 AM

Upcoming NYC Trip

I left NYC three years ago and am thrilled to be visiting it in a few weeks. I have some old favorites, but would also love to try new places.

This is what I've got so far...

Tue - Lunch at Eleven Mad Park. I haven't been since the menu was revamped.

Wed - Lunch at The Modern. Dinner at Sushi of Gari.

Thu - Dinner at Salinas. I am a big suckling pig fan, thus this choice.

Fri - Lunch at Nomad, for the chicken.

Sat - Lunch at Jean Georges. Been many many times, would love to go back. Pizza at Don Antonio pre or post theatre.

Sun - Lunch at The Dutch, for the fried chicken. Shake-Shack 8th avenue post theatre.

Mon - Lunch or early dinner at Maialino. Suckling pig, of course...

I am not that set on The Modern (was thinking of Gramercy Tavern, an old favorite), so am open for suggestions...

Has anyone been to Salinas? Is the pig dish really outstanding?

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  1. Well, the amazing duck lunch at Momofuku Ssam Bar would be a good replacement for The Modern if you're not sold on them. One of the best lunch options to pop up in years, you'll find no lack of love for the duck-over-rice - more than one has said it's the second-best duck (next to EMP's, of course) in the city. It's the suckling pig of fowl. Also, the veggies with smoked bluefish vinagrette is a great side / foil for the rich duck.

    I'm not as big a fan of The Dutch's fried chicken as some others are - while the crisp:moist ratio was good, I found it underseasoned. That said, I'll aver to the majority who'll no doubt sing its praises.

    Otherwise, sounds like a good week. Bring your Lipitor, sounds like you're gonna need it from the menu you have planned...

    1. For a good pork dish try the Crackling Pork Shank and Maloney & Porcelli.

      As an alternative to the Modern, try Tocqueville or Babbo.

      1. Are you talking about The Modern Dining Room or The Bar Room? If the Dining Room, I recommend that you keep it. This place is one of my 3 favorite restaurants in the city. The French-Alsatian cuisine is wonderful, the service excellent, and the dining room lovely when you can look out into the Sculpture Garden of the MoMA. It is absolutely worth a meal.

        If you're interested, here are some photos of my most recent lunch at The Modern:

        1. I haven't been to Salinas but the suckling pig at Txikito is excellent. They also have suckling pig on the menu at the NoMad.

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            Thanks, guys! Maloney Porcelli.... that's a name from the past. I used to have their crackling pork shank for lunch back in 1996 1997. Great memories! I see that it's undergoing a renovation. I'll think I'll go back and revisit this one.

            I heard really good thing about the duck at Momofoku Ssam. But isn't a reservation hard to come by? I wonder if I should replace THE DUTCH with SSAM?

            1. re: theskyflyer

              There's a group meal with the duck and there's an individually sized portion that they only serve at lunch.

              You can try the all duck menu at Momofuku Ssam for weekday lunch, or have it for weekend lunch, when the menu is a mix of dinner items and duck items.

              They don't take reservations except for the big group meal.

              However, lunch is much less crowded than dinner, so it probably won't matter in your case, since you want the duck.