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May 25, 2012 05:49 AM

Any recent reports on Effie's?

Effie's greek restaurant on Pine... anyone been recently?

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  1. Not recently, about three years. Thought no need to ever return.

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    1. re: Delucacheesemonger

      Bad or just mediocre? I hear the patio is nice.

    2. same- i went a few years ago and havent felt a desire to go back. food was mediocre at best and overpriced

      given all the great options, i wouldnt go here unless youre being forced to do so

      1. Went there a couple years ago. BAD and overpriced. It's owned by the same folks that own Pine St. Pizza across the street. Pine St Pizza is bad too, but at least it's cheap. The food at Effie's is pretty much the same quality, but double the price. And Kanella is right around the corner.

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        1. re: deprofundis

          I used to like Effie's maybe ten or so years ago. I don't know if it has gotten worse, or if my taste is better.

          Kanella is so much better. It isn't even close. Cheaper even. All of the vegies at Effie's taste like they came out of a can.

          1. re: robot

            That was my memory as well - peas out of a can. (when frozen peas are so much better!)
            this is in 98 or 99, though, so things well could have changed since then (though it sound like maybe they haven't).

        2. I ended up going there. Deluca's assessment of bad to mediocre was accurate, closer to mediocre but if we hadn't shared dishes, it would have been a lot more disappointing. I don't get the people who say it's overpriced, the prices were moderate (most dishes under $20, and several sandwiches at $10-11), not a great price-to-quality ratio for the food itself but the patio is quite nice and the service was good and pleasant. Taking all that into account, not ordering any of the dishes over $20 (which I would imagine are probably a worse value), and accounting for BYOB, I think it was a fair price taken as an evening out, not purely chow.

          The mediocre.. moussaka, chicken schwarma, Greek salad (nice big anchovies and hard boiled eggs, always a plus to me)
          The bad... hummus, meatballs on mezze plate, Greek sausage dish

          If going here, order a variety of plates and share, if everyone gets the dishes with tomatoes and rice on the side you will be very disappointed. Unfortunately most of the menu is made up of these dishes so get several apps to round things out.

          Yes Kanella is much much better but it is also more expensive and the quarters are cramped. It's also much more elevated food. For this style of Greek food (moussaka, souvalki, etc) South Street Souvlaki is better, cheaper, and had bigger portions, but the atmosphere is not as nice, and not BYOB (though drinks are pretty cheap).

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          1. re: barryg

            I don't recall the atmosphere at Effie's being nice, but I sat indoors. I think it's overpriced because the food quality is no better than the pizza place across the street (and they serve some of the same dishes), but they are charging real restaurant prices. If I can stuff myself for $6.95, I'm willing to be a little lenient on the food.

            1. re: deprofundis

              The patio was very nice and also they had round tables, great for a medium sized group (we had 6). Inside was nothing special. It was a nice evening and nobody was sitting inside.

            2. re: barryg

              If moussaka is what you're looking for, Kanela makes an amazing one. It's $15 on the breakfast/lunch menu. I've also had it as part of the $35 Sunday night prix-fixe, which is a great deal for excellent food that seems like straightforward "homestyle" cooking to me - salads, stews, grilled things, dips and breads.
              Lunch and Sunday dinner are great values there. I'd say those times at Kanela are a much better value than the old Greek places, unless you just need a gyro or you want moussaka on a Tuesday night.

              1. re: caganer

                Yea don't get me wrong I love Kanella and have no interest in returning to Effie's... the food kind of sucked. And Kanella is a great price at lunch. However while the moussaka at Kannella is fantastic, it's also not the traditional American style you'd get at Effies or South St Souvlaki (which is where I'd rather go if I wanted that kind of moussaka on a Tuesday night).

            3. I liked Effie's just fine. Dined using Pleasant service. Owner was very friendly. Good food I felt. Patio is very nice.