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May 25, 2012 04:55 AM

Cape May Blue Crabs

I am in Cape May for the first time for a long weekend. I am looking for a restaurant/bar/shack where we can have Maryland style blue crabs where you sit at a table covered in paper and use a wooden hammer to crack open the crabs. Please help. I know there must be something around here.

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  1. the fish factory in wildwood always has plenty of crabs it's on new jersey ave close to the south end of the island you can eat to your hearts content


      Right now H&H seafood on the causeway between Cape May and Wildwood has the best crabs in the area. THey have saltwater tanks and pick them for you. You can take away or eat on the deck at wooden tables. I got jumbos this weekend, which was a treat. They also have scallops, lobster, clams etc and its very casual and BYO.