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May 25, 2012 04:37 AM

Revere area Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Venue needed

I need help finding a venue to host a wedding rehearsal dinner in or near Revere. The church is St. Anthony's in Revere and I am not familiar with area restaurants. We need a place with a separate room for around 40 people. Any and all suggestions appreciated.

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  1. If you want old school Italian, check out DeMaino's.

    1. maggio's would have been nice but, unfortunately, they closed

      1. Honestly, if I had to select a suitable restaurant for a rehearsal dinner I'd look into Donatello restaurant on Route 1 North in Saugus. It's a short drive from St. Anthony's. There's an entrance to Rt. 1N from a side street right beside the church. I've been there many times. The restaurant has a fine dining decor, the service is professional and food is very good. There's a function room upstairs. Here's the link...!

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          Not to be off topic- but please share the entrance to rt 1 directions from the side street beside the church. When I am at St Anthony's and have to get on rt 1, I have to get on rt 60, and go thru the two rotaries before getting on rt 1 near the theatre. TIA.

          1. re: macca

            Hi macca... when you look at the front of the church, on the right is an exit to the side street I mentioned. Exit, turn left, and Rt. 1 is at the end of that short street... at least it was last year.

            ETA: OK.. my mistake, you're right. It's not Rt. 1. it's Rt. 60. Sorry. (I must drive too fast...)
            Your directions are correct,

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              Bummer! I though I could avoid two rotaries!

        2. The Winthrop Arms in the neighboring town might be worth a look. About a 10 minute drive from St. Anthony's.

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            Winthrop Arms is very nice, but parking can be a pain. 40 people is a big party.
            Find a room and order food from Kelly's on the beach. LOL

            1. re: justicenow

              I second the Winthrop Arms. Great restaurant, wonderful food and very nice management.
              I believe they have valet parking so parking should not be a problem if you let them know.
              I've been to a few private functions and always top quality and service

          2. Thank you all for your comments.....I am in North Central Mass and clueless about the North Boston area. So far my bet is on Winthrop Arms. I will travel out that way and try it. Still open for suggestions. THANX!