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May 24, 2012 10:48 PM

Road trip eats in Kansas City

My brother and I are going to be on a road trip in a couple of weeks moving him home to Minnesota and we are going to be in Kansas City for one night to catch a Royals game before we head out, and we are looking for a casual place to grab some dinner before or after the game. We are staying near the ballpark so somewhere around there would be nice, but if we had to drive a little or if there is something on our way in (coming from Denver) that would work too. We are mainly looking for something on the cheaper side and where we can get a beer. Any food is fine, we are definitely not picky eaters, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I"m from NE. I always stop for some decent Mexican food in Lexington or Grand Island when I make the drive west from my parent's place. I'm not sure of the route you are taking. If you want to know more, I'll post details, but I'll be mostly without internet for the next week or two starting this afternoon. In KC, my one go to place is Oklahoma Joes. I have no idea of where the stadium is, so take that with a grain of salt.
    Not really relevant, but this reminded me of something. My mom was there last year visiting some relatives for something my cousin was doing. The night of the event, they bought a bunch of food from there for all the family who came in from across the US. The next morning my aunt and mom were the first ones awake. My aunt asked my mom if she wanted pancakes, waffles, eggs, ect for breakfast. My mom said it was weird, but she wanted leftover bbq. My aunt said it was a good idea and that's what they both ate. Everyone else got fresh breakfast food, but my aunt and mom did better. They ate it cold out of the fridge which makes me laugh. Kansas City is full of BBQ places, but OK Joes is my personal favorite.

    Oh, on a side note, I just went to denver for a show with the lady friend. She was born in hong kong and grew up in LA. Really solid Dim Sum (according to her) was eaten at Star Kitchen. I took the left overs to my parents on the way back east and they loved it.

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      Arthur Bryant's original location is reasonably close for you. Their bbq is legendary - but in recent years has received mixed reviews.

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        i think bryant's is a great call. i've always enjoyed it. OK Joe's could be on your way from Denver, definitely not too far out of your way. food right around the ballpark is limited though LC's isn't far but not a great atmosphere, it's more about solid BBQ. don't know if they have beer, thinking they don't.

    2. We always get takeout barbecue and tailgate in the parking lot before the game. Gates is good and close by, as is LC's. Gates has beer and I would definitely get takeout from LC's. Good bbq - not so good atmosphere.