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May 24, 2012 09:06 PM

Your Go-To Faves in Bloor West Village

I've recently moved to the west end of Toronto - The Queensway and Windermere to be exact.
I love the neighbourhood and the close proxmity to Bloor West Village and High Park but am wondering where are the neighbourhood's go-to restaurants? There are several threads out there on this topic but they all seem old and I would love to get some updates!

Chicken Wings?
Ice cream/dessert?
Any other stand-outs worth mentioning?

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  1. For brunch I would recommend Camp - it's tiny, but the service and food is exceptional. Located on the west side of Jane south of Annette (tried the Good Fork but they were packed, the food so so and expensive).

    For Thai I would go further north to the Junction to Silk (formerly Young Thailand, I think); the restaurant is never packed, but I think they do a very healthy delivery business.

    Eastern European I used to like Amber, but last visit the food was a little bland and they'd upped the prices, hopefully it was just an off day.

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    1. I like Hot Oven bakery. Haven't tried the pastries, but the bread is great.

      1. We've had two nice meals at 17 Steps which is just east of Windermere. The food is Greek/Ital influenced and always seems very fresh and the proprietor is very interested in wine and generous with suggestions and tastings.

        1. We live north of High Park.

          We tend to eat out in BWV at lunch time, and we have enjoyed lunches at Sushi Villa, Earth Bloor, Bloom, Falafel place near Jane, Green Mango. There is certainly variety here....

          1. Welcome to the hood, I live in the same area.

            There is Sushi & Thai (Bloor/Durie, besides Villa) with great lunch specials.
            Coffee Tree (Bloor/Jane) ... you can smell the coffee beans roasting from the street, and both front & back patios are open.
            Red Bean Espresso (High Park) also has great coffee and gelato
            Anna's Bakery (Bloor/Armandale) for all your bakery needs
            Of course, you're a 5min walk from the Cheese Boutique, and the ice cream truck is stationed on the Lakeshore too!