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May 24, 2012 08:55 PM

Two weeks in Buffalo

Mr. Tardigrade and I will be in the Buffalo area - Hamburg to be specific - the first half of July. We'd like any recommendations and suggestions for shopping and dining in the area. We're adventurous, but we'll have my octogenarian mother in tow for any restaurants, so in addition to places that are handicapped-accessible we need restaurants that meet her tastes, which tends to be conservative (her favorite restaurant is the Grapevine, which I will go to only under duress). We're looking for things we can't find easily in the San Francisco Bay Area, like old-style Italian red sauce places (and don't go recommending Valenti's :) ).

I've already discovered Wegman's, the Hamburg Farmers' Market and that little farm stand near Hamburg Village my sister showed me for in-house meals, but are open to any suggestions.

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  1. Shwabls in West Senca for beef on weck, Andersons ( multiple locations) for custard, Louies ( mult locations)& Teds for hot dogs, Antionettes for ice cream and candy. If you take a ride downtown, great farmers market on sat ( elmwood), try the white cow yogurt, also Coles ( bar & grill) on elmwood and fowlers candy- don't miss sponge candy. Have a great time.

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      Thanks. Shwabl's is classic, but not accessible - at least it wasn't last summer (Neither is Ekl's though they swear they are). I've heard good things about Antoinette's, but I don't do sweets. What I'm looking for is restaurant recommendations for dinner, preferably in the Southtowns. Surely there must be something!

    2. Nothing specific to recommend, but this is a good resource for the area (reviews are hit and miss):

      1. I'm sorry that I don't know if any of these spots are handicapped-accessible. I recommend the Dove (3002 Abbott Rd., Orchard Park, NY 14127, on the border of Lackawanna); Mulberry (64 Jackson Ave, Lackawanna, NY 14218); Two Sisters Cafe (breakfast and lunch in Orchard Park); and Nelson's Ridge (breakfast and lunch; corner of Ridge and South Park, across from Our Lady of Victory Basilica). I'm sorry that I don't know if any of these spots are handicapped-accessible. I shall do some research and try to come up with restaurants that are in compliance and meet your needs.

        1. Thanks all! The Dove and Mulberry sound interesting - we don't see much veal out here. We may be able to catch a bit of A Taste of Buffalo while we're there.

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            I don't know whether Curly's (in Lackawanna, I think) is accessible. I've never been there but have had their jerk chicken and it's very good. Other than that I'm a bit at a loss, as I live int he northtowns.

          2. I think you may want to check out La Castelena in Depew. My family is nig red suace Italian fans and love this place. Huge portison- family style. They also used to love Chef's in downtown Buafflo but I haven't been there in about 10 years so I can't recommend it.

            For something upscale why not Rue Franklin in the city? It's wheelchair accessible and definently has an old school conservative vibe. It's a little pricier but the food is great. I had an amazing venison there last time I went- which is something I'm sure you don't see much out in SF.

            I also suggest taking a trip over to East Aurora and checking out that cute little town. You could walk through Vidlers (Coming in from the front w/ a wheelchair), walk across Main Street looking at the shops and then have dinner or lunch at either Rick's on Main or Tantalus. I'm not sure Rick's is wheelchair accessable so you'd have to check but I'm sure Tantalus is. Tantalus has a constantly changing menu but the pizzas are excellent and they have a great beer and wine list so if you just want to have a few drinks this is great for that as well. Hope this helps a little.

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              Thanks! My sister used to live in East Aurora, so I'm somewhat familiar with it (including Vidler's - my nephew worked there).

              The Buffalo area has a lot of really great places, but for some reason they like to keep them secret. We'll be there for Taste of Buffalo, which I'm looking forward to, and I'm sure my mother will insist on at least on visit to Ted's. I have my own big 3 musts for when I visit: beef on weck, maple walnut ice cream, and birch beer.

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                Interesting- my three must have are beef on weck, buffalo wings and a loganberry! Enjoy!