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May 24, 2012 08:45 PM

Burger Week - $5 Burger specials at various restaurants in Toronto - The Grid newspaper - may 30 to june 2, 2012

I saw this posted on RFD, looks like it could be interesting. A bunch of restaurants are featured and will have a $5 burger
The list of participating looks awesome... In addition to places like Burger Bratz, Holy Chuck, etc there is smaller places like Keriwa Cafe,

The week ends in an event at Wychwood Barns on June 3rd.

Details here:

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  1. You are a nicer person than I for publishing this! : )

    1. Thanks for the heads up...been wanting to try Holy Chuck for a while now....Great excuse to stop over....

      1. i don't understand it, though.
        places like Keriwa cafe: they doing the $5 burger for sit-down customers only? might sound like a dumb question, but i'm envisioning them having a separate bbq outside for it.

        1. Anyone try any of the burgers today?

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          1. re: ylsf

            Caplansky's. Its really dry... :-S

            1. re: ylsf

              Stockyards was delicious. They made their own smoked cheddar, but in the style of "American" (kraft singles) so it melted perfectly. They also threw on pickled red onion, which was excellent.

              I'm debating between Holy Chuck, Burger Bar, and Union for lunch tomorrow.

              1. re: ylsf

                Holy Chuck. Still so good. Total steal at $5!

                1. re: jlunar

                  had the holy chuck burger today, had been meaning to try the spot for a long time
                  i mean yeah it's 5 bucks but the burger they picked for their special is lame. it's just some plain ass watery cooked down onions on a double burg. no cheese. mustard and pickles. it was underseasoned and boring. i can see it being a real good burger with some cheese and maybe mustard grilled but plain with plain onions just left me scratching my head

                  1. re: disgusti

                    Thanks for the heads up. I think we may do the $5 burger and another burger off their menu ... We were gonna go try them sometime soon too. Good excuse with Burger Week in place.

                2. re: ylsf

                  Had Hadley's burger last night. The meat was well seasoned, the portion was about half of the regular burger on the menu, and the flavours didn't really work for me. The use of blue cheese did not pair well at all with their marmalade, and I can't say I could taste the bacon.

                  1. re: dlw88

                    I asked for no marmalade. The bacon was excellent - smokey and chewy - but I found the blue cheese overpowering. Great fries! Really crispy, with coarse salt.

                    1. re: OTFOODIE

                      The fries were indeed great, but how many did you receive for the additional $3?

                      1. re: dlw88

                        I didn't count, but the quantity seemed reasonable.

                    2. re: dlw88

                      Giving you a half size burger for a reduced price doesn;t really make it a "special" imho.

                      1. re: terrycar

                        Yeah, wondering if other places are doing "mini" burgers....

                        1. re: ylsf

                          The Depressed Cow at Holy Chuck is the full size -- a full double. Total deal for $5. Note that this burger doesn't come with cheese, though I'm sure you could ask for it.

                        2. re: terrycar

                          The regular burger (8 oz), without the bacon and cheese is regularly $12, $14.50 with cheese and bacon. The Burger Week special is 5 oz and includes the cheese and bacon. I didn't feel ripped off.

                    3. the stockyards rendition was nice -- double patty, lightly pickled red onion, aioli and cheese sort of blending together into a hot mess. a dab of arugula as well. i got it w/a side of fries (a very generous portion), and made for a great lunch for $10, all in. the burger was cooked to medium well (as the menu says is their default) time i will ask for medium rare, my preference. forgot this time around.