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May 24, 2012 08:12 PM

Lunch in Austin

We are in Austin currently. we have had some really good fresh seasonal food. Trip report when we return. can you all recommend a lunch place either in Soco or downtown near 2nd or 3rd and Congress for Friday. Food trucks are a possibility, but. Prefer indoors with air. Ethinic ok, seasonal always!

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  1. I wholeheartedly recommend Dock & Roll Diner. I had lunch there yesterday and it was, as always, delicious. It was only a little warm as they have umbrellas and trees for the benches. I've never been able to break away from the lobster rolls but the other sandwiches sound really good. The mac and cheese stuffed jalapenos and the standard slaw are great and both of my companions yesterday had the fresh squeezed lemonade and said it may be the best they'd ever had. (the Thai Tea is not to my liking nor either of the other two I've known who've tried it - very different)

    The owners are really nice and provide great service...LOVE IT!

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      Agreed, this place is great. Tasty lobster rolls, and the house-made tots and sauces are addictive. Also right next to Mellizoz Tacos ( and Gourdough's ( which I also enjoy, so if you did decide to brave the heat and do some trucks, you would have a lot of options at one stop.

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        Also, JMueller is right across the street if you want some BBQ and Elizabeth Street Cafe (upscale Vietnamese) "shares" the parking lot with Gourdough's and the others mentioned.

        So you could have banh mi, a lobster roll, a carnitas taco, a beef short rib, and a doughnut with bacon and maple syrup icing.

        1. re: ssouth

          Excellent point. J Mueller is fantastic.

    2. Heat shouldn't be too oppressive, but I understand. Right there near 2nd & Congress is a small trailer food court. The highlight is Turf N' Surf Po Boy. It's a converted maritime cargo box and Ralph, the chef, cooks up some of the best seafood in Austin. Next door is Kebabalicious, a trailer specializing in diner kebab. There's some shaded seating available.

      Not too far away is Coreanos, doing the Korean fusion taco truck thing - they often park for lunch at 4th and Congress. And if you want to sit down and A/C, Second Bar & Kitchen in the new Austonian building does a nice lunch.