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Flavored whipped cream ideas

I would like to make some flavored whipped cream to top Strawberry Cream Cheese Cobbler. I have made Amaretto before but would like some ideas for a change.

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  1. With strawberries, I'd use real vanilla beans or a chocolate liquor.

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        This was going to be my suggestion!

      2. Mint-infused whipped cream

        Pink peppercorn whipped cream

        By the way, do you mind posting the recipe? I'd like to see it.

        1. brown sugar and bourbon - yummy

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            Brown sugar sounds great, minus the bourbon for me. Here is the recipe link:


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              Dang that sounds good. I might try it sometime with half strawberries and half rhubarb. Thanks a lot for posting that recipe!

          2. Rosewater? Like and a mild foil to the sweetness.

            1. Just a little lemon oil or extract in whipped cream is wonderful with strawberries.

              1. Melon liquor is just a passing thought. I've beat it into mascarpone and actually dabbed it on halved/pitted cherries.

                1. caramel. you can make the caramel with sugar, water and salt then pour cream in. bring the mixture to a boil then cool. once it's cool down you can whip it good!

                  1. How about some type of tea or spice? You can infuse the cream, but then you have to wait for it to cool and chill . . . how about basil whipped cream? Ginger?

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                        Will regular brown sugar dissolve in the cream while beating? I usually use powdered sugar. Maybe dissolve brown sugar in Amaretto first?

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                          Unless you kill it with brown sugar, yes, it will dissolve.

                      2. Lavender. So yummy. Very light

                          1. Coriander. It goes well with strawberries :)