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May 24, 2012 07:46 PM

B & B vs. Sage for a solo bar dinner?

I'm in LV for 3 days by myself. Had another spectacular dinner at Le Cirque last a table of course. Tonight had a very good lighter dinner at the bar at Bouchon. Good, as always. Can't decide between B&B or Sage for a dinner at the bar tomorrow. I don't have a huge appetite, and prefer lighter albeit delicious food with a few glasses of great wine. Where should I go?

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  1. the bar at sage is great. have the steak tartar and foi grois creme brulee. ask for beer pairings.

    1. The wine is probably better at B&B, but I wasn't blown away by the food. Sage, on the other hand, is excellent. I also much prefer the bar at Sage, as the bar at B&B is tight and feels too close to the entrance of the restaurant. Plus, the food, on average, at B&B is much heavier. There are many more "lighter" options at Sage.

      1. I had a wonderful dinner at a table at Sage when I dined solo in March. It was my second favorite dinner after Le Cirque. If you like foie gras, you must order the foie gras brulee; it was one of my most favorite foie gras preps.

        1. Sage bar is great. I preferred the braised oxtail appetizer to the foie gras brulee (just didn't work for me). Also, consider the sweetbreads appetizer. Nice collection of beers (Dogfishhead) wines and spirits. Not crowded.

          1. As someone else mentioned the bar at B&B seems too crowded (maybe because it is!) while the bar at Sage is big and beautiful. And +1 to the beer! Chimay on dream. Oh and let's not forget the food. B&B has never really found its stride, like the big brother is was suppose to be compared to, Babbo in NYC. It consistently misses the mark and lacks that touch to make t a go to spot. Sages food blows B&B away.

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              I have always loved B&B for their Warm Lamb’s Tongue with Chanterelles and a 3-Minute Egg and a glass of wine at the bar.. Have it every time I'm in LV. That said the full diners I have had there have been only OK.