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May 24, 2012 07:34 PM

Looking for a wine recommendation

I have been tasked with purchasing wine for an anniversary dinner party. Three entrees are being offered. 1) Fillet with truffle sauce, roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes 2) Pan roasted chicken with vegetables served over polenta 3) Pistachio crusted salmon with Asian glaze, roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes.

I've found a lovely Barbera to serve with the fillet, and I think it might also be nice with the chicken for people who don't care if they are not "following the rules".

I'd also like to offer a white that would pair with the salmon and the chicken. I've bought a bottle of reisling to consider, but I don't really appreciate reisling, so I'm not so sure.

Does anyone have any thoughts on a white wine that would pair nicely with the salmon and chicken?

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  1. I think a more robust style of riesling would work well with chicken (and obviously the salmon): perhaps an Alsatian from the likes of Weinbach, or a Jubilee from Hugel?

    Pinot gris is also a very good alternative, although many of them do taste of nothing in particular. Again, Alsace such as Weinbach's Cuvee Ste Catherine would be a very good pairing.

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      I think the Ste Catherine would be a bit sweet for these dishes. (I recently had an '07 and it was quite sweet.) I probably go for a white Burg or Chablis. Of course, a Pinot Noir would go well with both the chicken and the salmon. Because it is a wedding and I assume you are on a budget I'd recommend a Louis Latour Pouilly-Fuisse or a Joseph Drouhin Chablis Pouilly-Fuisse or a William Fevre Chablis Champs Royaux.

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        Hi dinwiddie,

        If you are referring to the "L'Inedit" (per your tasting note), I agree that it would be too sweet. However, the "standard" Ste Catherine (both grand cru Schlossberg and non-grand cru) are dry and elegant rieslings. I haven't had the pleasure of the 07s, but the 09s are excellent examples of their type.

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          Yes I was referring to the L'Inedit. I'll have to try the 09, but am really looking forward to the 2010s

    2. Interesting that you chose Barbera. Yes, it should be quite good with the chicken. We've enjoyed Barbera with salmon too, but not with Asian flavors.

      If you're looking for a good qpr white for the salmon (and chicken) I'd suggest a Macon Villages. Louis Jadot makes a good one that is reasonably priced.