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May 24, 2012 06:07 PM

Need a place for early, casual dinner on Sunday in Sandy Springs

6 of us will be coming from Newnan up to Sandy Springs for a movie (it's not playing anywhere else) on Sunday evening. DH and I are more concerned about food/drink quality than the others. We need a place somewhere in Sandy Springs or on the way up I-285 from Newnan (Smyrna, Vinings?)

DH is a beer lover. I'm a wine lover. The others probably won't drink.
We're up for most anything, cuisine-wise, but not sure about the others... so, maybe bistro, brew pup, Italian... open to other ideas.

I really don't know the area (we live in far South Georgia).

I'd like to go to Muss & Turners, but not sure that will work for the others...

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  1. The Brickery is just north of the theater in Sandy Springs and provides good solid food - especially for those who are not venturesome. Brisket and Crab Cakes are both done well.

    1. beer and casual makes me think of 5 Seasons Brewery at Prado.
      partially co-owned by Muss&Turner folks is Local Three off of I-75 West Paces Ferry exit, on your way northward if you come thru the city. they'll have wine and beer and is casual.

      1. Cafe Sunflower - Very good vegetarian with a nice patio. This place will impress the biggest meat eater.

        1. Thanks, all!

          Local Three and Cafe Sunflower are not open on Sunday evenings... :-(

          Leaning towards The Brickery at this point... the brisket and crab cakes both sound good!

          Still open for suggestions, maybe even in Vinings or Smyrna, which appear to be on our way???

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            Muss and Turners is only 1/2 mile off I-285, so it would be easy to eat and then get to Sandy Springs. They just opened a new bar that's connected to M&T.

            But my choice would be 5 Seasons. It's very close to your movie.

            Roswell Road can be a traffic nightmare as they are redoing the bridge over I-285. Give yourself some extra time so you don't miss the start of your movie.

          2. Petite maison. Excellent country French. Reasonable pricing. Rumis. Mediterranean. Great wine selection
            Avoid bridge by taking 400 N to abernathy. Take it east to roswell rd

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              OOOPS!! take abernathy WEST.not East, to Roswell rd--better yet, bring a droid and use the Nav button