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May 24, 2012 05:26 PM

very dry dumplings - add back "vegetable" WATER?

Hi Chowhounds,

So I made the potstickers (aka Peking Raviolis) last weekend. They tasted so-so (great flavor...but soooo dry). I got ground pork from Ranch 99 and it look pretty marbled with fat so I'm pretty confused.

The recipe I followed was pretty typical of most I found online:

finely chopped cabbage. Salted. Drain the water. Mix pork, egg, seasonings, some sherry, etc.

I spoke to a friend of mine from Beijing...and she told me something surprising. She said to reserve the water drained from cabbage and to mix it back into the meat mix?

Thanks for any suggestions for how to make my future potstickers moist!

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  1. I don't do that simply because if my pork filling is a bit on the dry side, I add a squirt of good sesame oil.

    1. First, If you have the option of purchasing regular ground pork, as opposed to lean ground pork, go with the regular......Sometimes when I purchase the only ground pork available from H-Mart, I run in to the similar problem you had....which is dry pork. Whenever I shop at the Chinese grocer who has the two options available... I never have the problem.

      Second, try blending in soft tofu into you meat mixture. It gives a very nice silky smooth textured filling when cooked.