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May 24, 2012 03:21 PM

MKE - another board to check out.

I understand that it was part of Chowhound but there was a less than amicable split several years ago. I find more Milwaukee discussions there than here, covering more topics. There is an active group on there that includes an upcoming meetup at Ono kin grinz. Apparently arranging meetups like this was against the Chowhound rules at one time (or so I was told) that led to the split.

I have met a couple professional food writers from that group, arranged a Milwaukee tour of the northside hangouts of mine, etc.

I now watch both groups.

Jon M.

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  1. Fowler;
    Will you be there on the 9th?
    Or should I work with LAX on a different date for a MKE get together after the Ono dinner?

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    1. re: exvaxman

      Sorry for not responding. I was not able to re-log in after I said hi. We will not be able to attend. Maybe next time.