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May 24, 2012 02:48 PM

Tips for slightly freezerburned chicken

I've thawed out a boneless skinless chicken breast & it looks a teensy bit worse for wear. I usually roast or bake chicken with bones, don't really know what to do with stovetop white meat. I was going to cook it with saucy tomatoes & beans for a mexican-ish thing with tortillas.

Should I brown it before braising in the sauce? Chop it up first, or braise it whole then shred it once cooked?

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  1. If you're doing a Mexicanish thing, I would just braise it whole in the sauce -- I think chopping it up or trying to brown it would make it tougher, and you probably want it to be tender and to soak up the flavor of the sauce. Also, if you have time, the slow cooker could be your friend here.

    1. I wouldn't bother with the browning - would just braise it whole & then shred it. Should be just fine.

        1. Can I say, I've always had good luck with slightly freezer-burnt meat as long as a) it's cooked with something strongly flavoured to cover up that 'off' taste, and b) it's cooked in liquid, so it doesn't turn to sawdust.

          1. Throw it in a pan with thick sliced onions and peppers, Garam masala, and broth; put on very low het a couple of hours; drizzle a liitle honey and toss in handfuls of dried apricots and some slivered almonds 10 minutes before serving; add instant cous cous five minutes before serving. Forget it was freezer burned chicken.