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May 24, 2012 02:42 PM

Seeking One Good Dry Aged Steak Alternative to The Steakhouse

Although I really love The Steakhouse in Circus, Circus, I am looking to try something new. I did not like Golden Steer or Craftsteak. I liked AJs but it's gone. I don't want to pay Carnevino/Cut/Prime/Charlie Palmer prices. An atmosphere more like The Steakhouse than Craftsteak (old school versus austere or hip/posh) is preferable but something in between would be ok too.

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    1. Binions Steakhouse is old school and has a decent view of the downtown area.

      1. Charlie Palmer's Cut of the Week could be the single greatest dining deal in "Strip" Steak House deals. And the quality is excellent.

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          I thought about it, but over Memorial Day it was lamb and I was feeling like steak. I ended up going to two steak dinners in a row. The first night I tried Gallaghers, which I thought was great. We had the dry aged steak (I forget the cut it was not a ribeye) and the sides were quite special (mac and cheese which was made with bacon and wonderful sauteed mushrooms). The chopped salad, however, looked like it was from a salad bar.
          The second night I went back to The Steakhouse and had the ribeye, their wedge and baked potato. The bread basket is way bettter at the Steakhouse. I think the steak seasoning/glace at Gallaghers is half a grade better. The atmosphere at The Steakhouse is a full grade better (I did not see any booths at Gallaghers)

          Overall, when you take into account the horrible parking situation at Circus Circus (we waited at least a half hour for the valet), I'd say the two are a draw.