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May 24, 2012 01:21 PM

Cooked chicken bones for stock

I sometimes buy chicken breasts with skin on, bone-in and only use the meat (for sandwiches, salad). Is it worth saving those in the freezer for stock later? I would guess that a lot of the flavor has already gone into the meat and pan from the bones.

I know I could take the meat off the bone before roasting, but the chicken does come out drier and it is much harder to debone when raw.

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    1. "I sometimes but chicken breasts ...." If "but" = "bake" then I agree with weezieduzzit,
      Besides, he/she has a '50s era Buick in the driveway so there's gotta be some class in there somewhere.

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        The Buick is a '60 and I'm a she. )

      2. Yes, save those bones, as well as any skin, fat and drippings. Freeze all of it and it'll make terrific roasty stock. It will be more flavorful than raw bones, not less, as the caramelizing of the bones adds to the flavor. There's another poster here who turns up his nose at stock made from cooked bones but there's no logic to that whatsoever.

        Another bonus is that by using cooked bones, you won't get that scum in the stock -- as the proteins have already been cooked and coagulated.

        1. I keep a bag in the freezer and just keep adding bones to it till I get enough to boil. There is such a difference in home made vs. store bought. Every little bone helps.

          1. Oh yes. That's exactly what a stock bag kept in your freezer is for! The vast majority of the stock I make is from the carcasses of roasted chicken added to trimmings from herbs and veggies. When the bag's full, I make stock.

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              Okay. Thanks. I do keep a bag for raw bones and necks and the like, but wondered about the cooked bones.