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May 24, 2012 01:20 PM

John Hancock building for a drink with a view.

If I am not mistaken the only place there that offers drinks is the Lavazza Espression café. Is it worth it to go there for a cocktail/glass of wine and enjoy the view?

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  1. The Lavazza Cafe is on the floor with the observatory. You can instead go to the Signatures Lounge on the 96th floor, which is one level below the observatory, and skip the fee for visiting the observatory.

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    1. re: masha

      Yes, you need to enter the building on the south side street and go to the Bar/Lounge at the Signature Restaurant. Cocktails and avoid $10 to ride an elevator.

      1. re: jbontario

        Just don't waste your time or money eating there.

        1. re: chicgail

          Thanks for the info. everybody. Just want to have a drink and check out the view. Is there any other bar/restaurant on a high floor in Chicago?

          1. re: katbri

            Cite which sits atop Lake Point Tower and has 360-degree views, was one of eight restaurants around the world, and only two in the U.S., to be named by Conde Nast Traveller to a list of the restaurants with the best city views.

            ps the ladies rooms in the Hancock have great views, I have only been in the mens room which does not.

            1. re: katbri

              Everest. Top-notich food. Great view. Mixed reviews on service.

            2. re: chicgail

              And get there early or plan on a long wait to get up there. We were recently in town with a first time visitor so we had to include this. When we left, the line had to have been at least an hour wait or longer.

              And I'd second the Don't Eat there. Looked awfully expensive for, by appearances, mediocre food.

        2. My standard advice to out-of-town visitors is, if they plan to go up to one of the observatories (Hancock or Sears/Willis), they will pay a $15 entrance fee, but instead there is the option of going to lunch at the Signature Room (Hancock, 96th floor) which has a buffet for about $20 so for $5 more they get the same view plus lunch.

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          1. re: Querencia

            Do you have to pay to an entrance fee to have a drink in the Signatures Room? I am not going to the observatory.

            1. re: katbri

              No entrance fee. Note that the "Signature Room" is the restaurant on the 95th floor. If you just want drinks, go to the Signature Lounge on the 96th floor. No fee to go to either.