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May 24, 2012 01:10 PM

best places on Valley Boulevard San Gabriel

hello chowhounds,

We (meaning three white folks and one Taiwanese) were planning to have a pre-theatre dinner in Chinatown, that is until I read the postings on Chinatown and remembered that I had stopped going to Americanized Chinese places over a decade ago. This seemed to be a natural, inevitable step, because I had moved to San Gabriel. My two favorite places are Newport Seafood on Las Tunas and a little hole in the wall (that I don't know the name of ) that serves Hunnan food, located in the little strip mall next to the Holiday Inn on Valley. So after reading two boards on Chow, I thought better of the idea of going to eat in Chinatown. There is Yang chow right here in Pasadena and I don't go there either anymore.

So, that said-- finally my question-- I'd love opinions about favorite Chinese restaurants on Valley Boulevard or elsewhere in San Gabriel ( the city, not the whole valley) because we'd like to go somewhere new before heading down to the music center.


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  1. withabandon said: "and a little hole in the wall (that I don't know the name of ) that serves Hunnan food, located in the little strip mall next to the Holiday Inn on Valley"

    You wouldn't be thinking of Xiang Wei Lou in the strip mall next to the Hilton?

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      That's probably the one. The store front faces East and has hot chiles hanging in the windows-- there is a bakery a door or two away; facing South in the same strip mall, there is a place that serves snowies and icies.

    2. I'd recommend Jin Jian for xiao long bao. They serve Shanghai food.

      1. New right now is Sweethome Grill if you like lamb all ways, skewers, and a nice noodle soup. Speaking Mandarin helps, but if I can get through a meal here successfully, just about anyone can.

        402 E Valley Blvd
        San Gabriel, CA 91776
        (626) 288-0099

        Lucky Noodle King is always on my radar when on Valley in San Gabriel. I consider myself pedestrian here (and a lot of SGV places). I don't do frog legs or hot pot, but the dan dan mian, spicy chicken (mountainous amount of dried chiles) and twice-cooked pork are my loves here. The matron here is very nice as well.

        534 E Valley Blvd
        San Gabriel, CA 91776
        (626) 573-5668

        1. While most of Chinatown is dreadful, you should try ABC Seafood, which is the relocation of most of the staff from Full House. The food is Cantonese, but it is very good. And they provide a killer hot sauce, lamb chops off the menu, etc.
          As to Valley Blvd., I have found that most of the good places in the SGV are not on Valley Blvd.
          If you will endure the thought of Garvey instead of Valley Blvd., and just over the SG city line into Rosemead, then I would suggest China Islamic, speaking of lamb!

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          1. re: carter

            Thanks for the suggestions. BTW, by new I didn't mean the place was recently opened, I meant new to us-- as in somewhere we hadn't tried before. If anyone has any other SG places they really like, I'd love to hear. Thanks