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May 24, 2012 01:06 PM

Going to Rome June 3rd through June 7th! What and where are the can't miss places for a food lover?!?

Italy of course! Okay, so I am reading through the board and it seems like there are a lot of informed "foodie's" following the site and the board. I am traveling with my girlfriend to Rome for a brief vacation and want to pack in as much as possible! We speak both English and German just in case thats important. I am reading and reviewing the many wonderful places but I want to hear from some people on their experiences and recommendations!

On top of that, I would love to hear of where to go and what to not miss! Where are the best markets? Where are the best truffles? :-) Thank you so much for your time and help and I hope to share any information that I have that discussions might deem neccessary!


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  1. If you have not been to Rome before, my best advice is to review recent recommendations and trip reports here and see what restaurant recommendations strike your fancy. Its a big restaurant town, and there isn't any one must go. If you then tailor your request a bit more - with your desired price range, neighborhood or type of food (creative? traditional roman?) you may get more of a response.

    At this season I would keep my eyes peeled for wild strawberries - in any of the major public markets or the smaller street markets scattered through the city.
    which markets you should visit really depends on where you are staying/what will be convenient to your touring plans.

    Lovely season for visiting Rome, Enjoy!