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May 24, 2012 12:40 PM

Wife's Birthday

Hey Chowhounds,

My wife's birthday is coming up on June 5 and I'm trying to find something to do as far as dinner on a saturday. Any suggestions on an interesting, un-touristy, and a little out of the ordinary restaurant or dining experience? I'm up for anything and she's fairly adventurous.

Phil the Esophagus

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  1. Where do you usually go? What price range are you looking at? What area?

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      We don't necessarily have a 'usual' spot, we like to try different places. Area would be anywhere in SF Bay, and we would prefer something not too pricey, say $100-150 for the both of us, not including booze.

      1. re: PhilTheEsophagus

        I'm guessing from your posts you are from the greater east bay. Have no idea what type of vibe/atmosphere you'd like so here's a smattering of ideas off the top of my head.

        In Walnut Creek, Corner's Tavern is pretty decent, great atmosphere, service slightly distracted but very friendly. Ask to be seated on the patio or near the patio.

        In Lafayette, there is Artisan Bistro, good french inspired food.

        In Berkeley, Chez Panisse Cafe is excellent.

        In SF, Cotogna or Gitane or Flour + Water, or Frances, or Baker + Banker.

        La Mar or Waterbar, if you want to be by the water but the food isn't as good as the other Berkeley and SF places mentioned.

    2. In SF, try La Ciccia. (No bar, but darn good food.)

      In the East Bay, I'm a fan of Belanico--a place that started out good, and has only gotten better. (No bar, but Rambla al Sur and (newly expanded) Marzano are steps away, each with a full bar for that pre-dinner cocktail.)

      1. For my birthday dinner on June 6, have reservations for the newly opened Dixie on the Presidio. Killer location. Other choices were Perbacco or Chez Spencer.