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May 24, 2012 12:14 PM

Any experience with the Linwood Inn in Linden?

I'm meeting up with some friends in the vicinity this weekend, and was thinking to suggest this place to eat and have a beer. I've never been there, but heard the burgers were good. Any idea?

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  1. Lil' late with this response but the Linwood DOES have very good hamburgers, most of their sandwiches are delicioius, as I have had most not all......

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      Great great burgers, excellent sports bar as well. When our daughter flies home from college into Newark Airport she always wants a burger and brew from Linwood Inn or from Krug's tavern in Newark. Two of the best in NE jersey and affordable. Krug's is more ols school smash burgers while Linwood offers a huge range of burger, stuffed burger or stacked burger options. Plenty of local flavor in both locations but good service in both.