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May 24, 2012 12:13 PM

What to order at Cut without breaking the bank?

For those of you who have dined at CUT...

We are going to Vegas with a group & they have decided to go to Cut. We want to go also, but we don't want to go way overboard on our budget - gotta pay the mortgage! What can you order to stay within $100 bill for a couple? I know... sounds like an oxymoron to say Cut & Budget in the same sentence...
but here are some thoughts:

* We will get something before the dinner so we're not going on an empty stomach
* Can we split the 20oz bone in steaks? Would it be enough or are the portions way too small to split? Would you split it?
* We would love to try some of the steaks since we are big steak fans....rather have the cheapest Steak over chicken...
* On that note, would you recommend the cheapest Steak at Cut- or would it just be a waste?
* Are there apps/sides/desserts that we just cannot pass up? (If we have to choose, dessert would be my priority)
* We won't order drinks to cut down on the cost.

I know it's a lot to ask...

Sidenote: *not* going to Cut isn't really an option- or picking somewhere else (not an option for that night). we'd like to try Cut but without breaking the bank.

Thanks for all your help!!

BTW, here's the menu:

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  1. My wife and I usually split a steak when we go to Cut but that's so we can order more starters and sides. Plus, although my wife likes steak, she just doesn't eat a lot of it.

    I remember the brussel sprouts with bacon as being pretty good.
    Fries are good; would pass on the onion rings.
    I also remember an exceptional sweet corn side dish but I think it was a seasonal special.

    We've enjoyed every starter we've had there except for the asparagus with egg and that was more due it it just being kind of boring.

    If by $100 you mean $100 for food before tax and tip, you might be able to do it.

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    1. re: zippyh

      The cheapest steak will still be great quality at Cut. I split 20 oz steaks sometimes at steakhouses and then we will just get one extra side (3 total) to compensate. It should be doable without drinks but very very close to $100

    2. Great!! Thank you for your replies. I appreciate the input. Looking forward to our dinner at Cut without worrying about paying for it!