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May 24, 2012 10:53 AM

Ray's Steak and Cheese Redux

Looks like he has learned a little and is giving it another go:

a big WTF?! at the name though.

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  1. I'll definitely give it a go. I did not get a chance to try it the first time around. The comments I heard about it were that it was very different from a cheesesteak, so do not expect that going in.

    1. In some ways, Nice and Greasy Steak n' Cheesy is close to the ideal of a cheese steak. Charred, soft, juicy, gorgeous meat, onions, and loads of deeply flavored cheese. Glorious.

      But it was a very salty sandwich.

      And finally, the bread is wrong. It's more like a hoagie-shaped brioche. Too soft and sweet.

      So good I could go back often... but flawed enough to maybe keep me away.

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      1. re: Steve

        Not all of his edits are improvements. On a recent trip to whatever-it-is-called-today, formerly known as HellBurger Two, the previously nice decor looked stripped-down and shabby. I couldn't quite put my finger on what had changed other than the addition of a cash machine on one wall and the addition of the ordering counter. No more table service. And no more credit cards. And now the cash machine - which wasn't actually working - is not a no-fee machine. At the original, the ordering counter has been enclosed in what looks like a plywood shack.

        However, I don't really care what he calls the places and I'm not too fussed about the appearance, either. The food (at every Ray's Whatever) is always great and a great value, too. And as much as I love the (beef) burgers, I admit to loving the turkey burgers, too. Both the bourbon turkey burger in Silver Spring and the turkey burger with sage at the original Hellburger annex were terrific. I would ordinarily be very reluctant to order a turkey burger because they are usually hard and dry, but these two are really great.

        So here's to Ray's Whatever.

        זמן הוא יכול לחיות ולהמשיך ושומע את אותם קולות קטנים.