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May 24, 2012 10:52 AM

Road Trip from Montreal to Cape Breton

Hi Chowhounds!

My husband and I are taking our first road trip together to Cape Breton from Montreal. We'll be doing it in 7 days in early June. I'm hoping to find some great stops along the way that are unique, fun and super good.

We both love really any kind of food and we love DDD from Food Network and Eat Street so anything goes folks!

Also, I'm a photographer so anything that you think is photo worthy for a stop is good info too!


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  1. Boyd's Seafood Gallery in Antigonish is a nice spot. It is in a bit of an odd spot - you'll feel like you are going the wrong way - but it's only about 10 minutes off the highway. It's a casual spot with great seafood that you can eat on a great deck overlooking the water and a little marina. Love it.

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      Maybe better to give directions as : Cribbons, up Cape George Road (rte.37?) past Lakevale!
      A favorite spot for me and my oldest friend who lives on that road and is an old friend of the Boyds.

      1. re: Dempsey

        I have only been a couple times, and Google mapped it each time. The best I could do without Google is drive past the hospital. Beyond that, I would just refer to Google.

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          I looked it up -- rte. 337 is the 'mini Trail' around Cape George and a wonderful drive with a lighthouse at the tip of the Cape.

    2. Does anyone have any recs for restaurants or bakeries in Louisbourg? Is the Lobster Kettle likely the best place in town? Thanks for any suggestions.

      1. Here's a link to some restaurants and food shops in Cape Breton: