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May 24, 2012 10:42 AM

Cucina di Pesce Tonight

I've been invited to the early bird dinner at Cucina di Pesce.
Just by chance, does anyone know of any good choices or avoids>

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  1. This place still exists? Down in the east village? I haven't been since the mid 90s. It was basic cheap italian food. Not terrible but not great either. Honestly don't even think of going there these days with all the other options for italian..

    1. Yup, it still exists.
      I know - it's not my choice and I can't help it!
      Yes, cheap Italian it is. I was just wondering if something was any better than anything else.
      I'll have something, and this too shall pass.

      1. The meal turned out to be fine. The service was extremely friendly. The price was 13.95 for a basic salad, soup, several choices of entree and a glass of wine, most likely the reason that the restaurant was packed.

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          Do they still serve free mussels in tomato sauce to the people waiting at the bar to be seated?

          I always found the actual food underwhelming, but those free mussels were a nice touch.

          We always referred to the place as "Joe Pesci's"...

        2. Yes, and I do agree with you about the food. Perhaps only i received the message from their marketing person, but I was just trying to mention the nice touches that they do have. The mussels were one of those, and we took plates of those from the bar back to our table between courses