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May 24, 2012 09:32 AM

Brunch in Baltimore on Memorial Day...possible?

I'm going to be meeting up with some NYC friends in Baltimore for the weekend. We'll be stuck in the Inner Harbor area for most of Saturday and Sunday (Maryland Death Fest!) but will be able to get back in our cars to get a decent brunch before hitting the road on Monday. A diner is fine, just somewhere with breakfast options at noon that's ok with hosting some sunburned, exhausted music festival survivors.

I realize this may be asking the impossible...but thanks for considering the question!

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  1. I think Golden West in Hampden is a perfect option for you guys. You definitely won't feel out of place coming from Death Fest and they serve most of their breakfast options all day. I can't speak to whether or not they'll be open on Memorial Day, however.

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      Didn't see this until today, but that's where we wound up! Excellent french toast, and just the right atmosphere.

    2. Miss Shirley's since you will be in the Inner Harbor area; awesome grub!

      1. Jimmy's (on the square in Fells Point) and Sip and Bite (on Boston St. in Canton) will both likely be open.