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May 24, 2012 09:09 AM

Best Po'boy

Have had Parkway and love them...not crazy about Johnny's. How do Domilise and Parasol compare? We usually get a roast beef and either fried shrimp or oysters.

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  1. Domilise's for shrimp, Parasol's for RB

    1. Here is the rundown of Brett Anderson's recent Po Boy adventure (roast beef only):

      1. Here is the Tom Fitzmorris review of poor-boy shops list. Those shops in the city of New Orleans that are the top rated (***) include; Crabby Jack's, Johnny’s Po-Boys, Mother’s. and Parkway Bakery.

        Mother's? Get me a break. But Bears on the North Shore and Johnny's both make the best of on both lists.

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        1. re: ClarkPeacock

          I often fear that some food writers feel the need to "play to their base," and Mother's might be such a concession - though I do not know motivations.

          Also, it has been many years, since I dined at Mother's, and perhaps the food is good now?

          In other locations, I see some writers, who cater to a few "sacred cows," regardless.

          Unless I moved back to NOLA, I seriously doubt that Mother's would ever rise to my "must-do" list.