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May 24, 2012 08:58 AM

Paterson Turkish

A Turkish professor I know recently said to me that the most authentic Turkish food in the U.S. is found in Paterson, NJ. Would NJ Chowhounders recommend one or two restaurants, since I will be in the area in the next two weeks. I am also concerned about safety because of Paterson's rep as a very violent and dangerous city.

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  1. I believe that the professor gave you a wonderful food tip. Toros is very popular. You will never be disappointed there. "South Paterson" where the Turkish restaurants are is quite worries. Have fun!

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      Toros and Sahara are both really great choices. I remember that Toros' babaganoush, dolma, and kofte were all excellent, and it's a bit nicer if you want to eat in. Sahara is a bit cheaper and has more menu options, but I would highly recommend their regular lahmajun (2.75) and gyro sandwich (4.50) which are probably two of the best values anywhere around here food-wise. I would eat that gyro every day if I lived closer to Paterson...

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          still on my middle eastern kick -
          so we went here tonite on your rec. it was ok. but no falafel on the menu??? cmon. also the prices were higher than they show on the website for everything we had. probably wont be returning as we much prefer efe's in river edge or samdan in cresskill or bennies in englewood. not bad, just not worth a return trip imho.

    2. recently in Patterson a few weeks ago. Like you, I thought the city would be so dangeorus! We went for lunch w/ the baby one day and we felt like we were in the Middle East! We were so happy we took the trip! We at at Sahara. While we were please, I really wished we had tried Al Basha (Syrian) since I got more recommendations there.

      It is safe during the day anyway when I was there. We then went into Istanbul, the Turkish market! I bought some GREAT feta cheese from france for only $4.99 a pound!! Kalmata olives were only $3.99 a pound. Then I bought lentils, spices, farmer chesse, and some more itmes. Definately take the trip there! I can't wait to go back! I want to some bakeries there and some other stores.

      It really is a great trip to see everything! So many types of food...Lebanese, Turkish, Syrian, Afghan!!

      Have fun!

      Also, the veggie markets are great too! They are located on Railway Ave. (I think that is the name!)

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        Is Al Basha the one that is diagonally across the street from Toros? If so, that is our favorite.

        Somehow, I must have missed Istanbul market on our trips to Paterson. We usually end up at Fattal's as they have parking. Will have to expand our horizons next time we are in town. Thanks for the tip.


        1. re: missybean

          It is actually Istanbul Food Bazaar in nearby Clifton.

      2. I've read really good things about Toros, but never been there. When I'm in the area, I always stop off at the AK Market on Crooks Avenue in Paterson (next to the McDonald's), which specializes in Turkish products, and has a Halal butcher shop in the back, as well as an olive bar. I always buy a chunk of the French-made feta cheese, which is creamier and less salty than Greek versions. They own a cafe across the street (in Clifton), always packed, almost everyone who goes there is Turkish, food is quite good. Area is very safe. BTW, you are just around the corner from Corrado's market on Main in Clifton, which is not to be missed.

        1. Thanks for all the tips, Chowhounds. We are planning to hit the Istanbul Food Bazaar in Clifton and also eat at Sahara.