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May 24, 2012 08:54 AM

One day in Manhattan - HELP!

My husband and I are taking a day trip to NYC this Saturday. Neither of us are overly familiar with the city. Have done some of the basics (top of the rock, columbus circle, walked park ave, times square). We typically plan our trips around food. We've done the 21 Club, Bar Americaine, Ben Ash)

I'd love to hear your suggestions for a nice little food tour of Manhattan. We like everything. Would certainly like to do some NYC staples (bagels, pizza, etc.), and are interested in food trucks. I'm a big fan of noodle soups (pho in particular) and my husband enjoys Thai curries.

Central Park, Grand Central Terminal and the Public Library are on our list of things to see. We have tickets to see Wicked at the Gershwin Theatre at 2pm. Although it's not typically our style, we are going to plan for an early dinner right after the show since we aren't staying over night.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Grand Central Terminal and the Public Library are on our list of things to see.

    1. Near Grand Central, The NYPL branch on 42nd St, and Central Park aren't exactly havens for food trucks and NYC staples. You can definitely eat well around there but not for the NYC classics you're looking for or food trucks. There are a few food trucks in Central Park in the old Tavern on the Green space, but they are getting pushed out soon due to construction. A lot of the trucks in Midtown take the weekends off because their primary audience is office workers.

      I would recommend you starting your day downtown with pastrami sandwiches and smoked salmon on a bagel. Katz's is open 24 hours on Saturday and Russ & Daughters opens at 9am. If you're still hungry, you can check out the food stalls at Hester St Fair.

      If you start early, you can take the train up to midtown to see the NYPL, Grand Central, and catch your play.

      After dinner, I'd do maybe a Central Park picnic for an early dinner. If you want to do a Central Park picnic, I would pick up supplies at Jacques Torres, Salumeria Rosi, and Epicure Boulud.

      Hopefully it won't be raining. If it is, I'd probably head downtown again and have pizza somewhere, likely Motorino.

      1. You can get delicious deli food and pizza relatively close to the public library and GCT.

        Try Second Avenue Deli on 33rd between 3rd and Lex (yum).

        And for pizza, Vezzo on 31st and Lex.