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May 24, 2012 08:41 AM

Best nacatamales and Arròs negre?

OK, so a search for the best Nicaraguan nacatamales (some fritanga joints mentioned, but no specific recommendations for the nacatamales themselves) and Valencian arròs negre pretty much comes up dry on the boards.

I'll be passing through Miami this weekend...I will drive anywhere for the most traditional of the above.

Background: I lived in Spain for years and some of my traveling companions lived for years in Nicaragua. We are really hoping for some great recs for these two dishes in the Miami area, but really want the traditional dishes.

Thank you!

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  1. Andrew Zimmern (Bizzare foods) raved about the nacatamales at Fritanga Montelimar (Kendall) when he was in town. I haven't made it down there yet though.

    1. They used to do a nice arroz negro at Por Fin in Coral Gables, but it's closed for a substantial remodeling. They actually do a pretty nice Peruvian take on it at Francesco, also in Coral Gables.

      I've not tried the dish there, but a couple places that generally do Spanish food well and which I believe have arroz negro on the menu are Rincon Asturiano in central Miami, and Rincon Español down south. For a more contemporary take (again one I've not tried), there's Sra. Martinez in the Design District which currently has a version on their online menu.

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        The one at Sra Martinez is pretty good, but it's tiny. If you lived in spain for a while then Sra. Martinez might be good place. It's basically tapas with some traditional, some revamped (with a skew to the revamped side).