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Som Tam Watermelon Salad: Would it work?

sbp May 24, 2012 08:30 AM

I'm considering making a watermelon salad with red onions, green beans and som tam dressing (lime juice, palm sugar, chiles, fish sauce, dried shrimp, peanuts, etc...). Anyone tried it before? Do you see any reason it would not work (porosity of watermelon)?

  1. todao May 24, 2012 08:47 AM

    I agree that the watermelon's porosity represents a risk, but if you don't dress and toss the salad until it's served, or reserve the watermelon portion until the salad is ready to serve and add it at that time, you may get acceptable results. Let us know what you decide and how it turns out.

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    1. re: todao
      katecm May 24, 2012 09:46 AM

      You could also try dressing just the onions and green beans and serving a dollop of them on top of a fresh slice of watermelon, then drizzle a bit more dressing over the top. It could be very elegant!

    2. JungMann May 24, 2012 10:37 AM

      I like the idea of these flavors contrasting with watermelon, though I think shredded rind would also be a natural stand in for green papaya.

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      1. re: JungMann
        sbp May 24, 2012 01:05 PM

        Yes, good point. But this is not an adventurous group, so I'm already going out on a limb with dried shrimp and fish sauce! The rest of the meal is pretty tame, though.

      2. tcamp May 24, 2012 10:48 AM

        I think it would work fine. I have an old recipe clipped from a newspaper for a thai melon salad that is very similar to what you're thinking. Recipe calls for cantelope but I've done it with honeydew and watermelon. In this version, the melon chunks are arranged on a platter with the dressing poured over so you can avoid too much liquid which, as you suspect, could negatively affect the porous watermelon.

        It tastes great, so refreshing in the summer.

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        1. re: tcamp
          sbp May 24, 2012 01:04 PM

          Great. Thanks all, I think you're all onto something. This is going to be for a group of 30, but I have a BIG bowl and a composed salad with the onions and beans on top would look great.

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