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May 24, 2012 08:06 AM

More exciting Asheville news!

I'm loving this restaurant planned for RAD by the owners of Knife and Fork and 5 Walnut. Waterfront dining, local/organic, wood-fired oven and grill...sounds fabulous.

And on a personal note...I'm so excited to be attending my first Blind Pig event very soon! "Mexicellent" with the chef from the Admiral - no menu details yet but the promo video says it will be a combo of Mexican, Chinese and Japanese cuisine... Sounds so interesting! At only $40 a pop I couldn't resist. Has anyone else to a BP event?

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  1. Stoked about the new RAD restaurant, too. I understand it is to be built from refurbished shipping containers, so hopefully the end result will be Asheville organic meets modernism.

    Any idea what the target opening date is? (None mentioned in the article.)

      1. re: cackalackie

        River Arts District (where the Wedge, Junction, White Duck and all those artist studios are)

        1. re: danna

          I haven't heard of that - but it sure sounds nice! (I only know downtown, really.)