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I'm no longer recommending Le Cinq for lunch (review)

Like so many who vacation in Paris, we think long and hard about where to go for that special splurge where we'll get fantastic food, amazing ambiance, and friendly service. There are countless threads about where to go for the best "value" Michelin starred lunch and I've avidly read them all over and over. For many years, Le Cinq seemed to me, the ultimate place to get it all. We've also been to Guy Savoy, Rostang, and a few 1 stars over the years, but Le Cinq has always been better so we decided we'd go there again for our splurge meal this trip. What a mistake.

The amuses were all really grand, leading us to believe we were in for another great meal.
first amuse: smoked mackerel –parmesan crisp-radish butter sandwich
second amuse: crisp fried prawn heads- whole shrimp steeped in green tea, coconut milk and curry-velout of fresh peas w/ crème fresh. All excellent
Bread service: Simply divine brioche and those fantastic Bordier butters. Oh my!

But then came a downward trend:
Entrees: Oysters, horseradish/ginger tofu, asparagus in puff pastry with asparagus sauce. Sounds good right? Looked gorgeous but the whole dish was terribly bland. Not bad, but simply lacking in flavor. These oysters were so mild they were over powered by tofu. It's pretty hard to be over powered by tofu!
The other entree was foie gras ravioli in spring vegetable broth. There were 3 miniscule ravioli with barely the taste or texture of foie. The broth was flavorful but the "spring" vegetables were root veggies, not what I call spring veggies. I expected peas, asparagus etc.. Again, not bad but what a rip off.
Next things really sank low.
Plates: Red mullet with bone marrow, chorizo, zucchini, peppermint and almonds
Veal kidney with roasted onion, blueberry, gelee, tiny new potatoes au jus

Sadly, these were the only choices on the special lunch menu and neither of these are things that either myself or my husband would order if given any other choice. But we decided that if it's prepared at Le Cinq, it should be good. Nope. in retrospect we should have said we didn't care for either choice and hope that they'd rustle up something else for us but we are adventurous eaters and I really do love most organ meats so I expected to not entirely hate a dish prepared at Le Cinq. But truly, both of these dishes tasted funky. And the kidneys were really tough and chewy. We left half of the entrees on our plates and asked for more brioche.

Pre-dessert: sheeps milk ice cream with cucumber gelee and cumquat and olive tapanade! What's with olives in dessert? I'm sorry but this just did not work.

Desserts: wild strawberries in Fontainebleau cheese, strawberry milkshake, coconut lime sorbet on biscuit
Caramel, pear/ginger sorbet? Vanilla mousse parfait, biscuit and balsamic pears, pear mousse

Fortunately these were both absolutely delicious. And of course the dessert trolley was gorgeous.

This time, it did not feel like good value. Our bill w/ 2 glasses of wine and bottled water was 242E

I think they've now fallen into the category of one of the places that serves a very sub-par menu for the lunch special. I wish we had tried somewhere new as opposed to returning to Le Cinq. Oh well. Live and learn.

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  1. Darn... and I planned to go for my birthday this year (which falls on a sunday).

    Let's hope they just had a bad day when you went, and they didn't fall in the category you mention.

    1. I posted a similarly negative review of my lunch there in December. What I really miss the great value lunch at what IMO was the greatest restaurant in Paris --- Lucas Carton!

      1. That's too bad. I've booked La Grande Cascade for our "pretty" splurge lunch next week. I hope it delivers better than Le Cinq did for you this time.

        1. Funny, my last two lunches there, the amuses were great, the entrees were perfect, as they used ingredients as razor clams l really love. But the plats were things l do not and would not eat regardless of price. Asked whether we could replace the inexpensive pre-fixe( well sort of inexpensive ) with their A La Carte 12 hour spiced lamb shoulder, they said sure and served it to us in two courses, it was unbelievably good. Perhaps it pays to ask as they really want to please you. Granted last time was last November, so maybe things have changed.

          1. Oh no! Do others think this is a trend? I have been lurking on this Board (and other sites) to prepare for our upcoming trip to Paris. We plan to celebrate our 30th anniversary with lunch at Le Cinq on June 6th. Should I switch gears? Our other reservations are for dinners on other days--Neva Cuisine, Dans Les Landes and Chez L'Ami Jean. Thoughts?

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              Your other 3 choices are great.

            2. I went to an event at the Georges V catered by Le Cinq last weekend and found it to be excellent. Granted it wasn't a tasting menu as we had fois gras and lamb. The fois gras was firm and rich and the lamb was prepared with a simple reduction sauce.

              1. We were there in December for the prix fixe lunch and the butter and mignardise cart were what I remember most.

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                  I do think it's a trend and I have heard from numerous sources that the special lunch menu has definitely deteriorated at Le Cinq. They've simply joined the ranks of the many other Michelin starred places that offer a "discount" lunch menu and offer sub-par choices to make up for the price break. They used to be one of the few that really offered quality for a decent price (although at 95E, it's certainly not cheap!) Wwe noticed that even the sweet trolly had many fewer things on it than when we were last there.

                  I think L Grande Cascade is a much better choice at this point. As is the internet deal of 100E for Guy Savoy. The ambiance there isn't palatial like Le Cinq, but you get to choose your courses off the regular menu and the service is very friendly, fun and professional.

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                    I think lunch at Kei is an incredible bargain for the quality of the food. Of course it doesn't have the opulence of some of the others mentioned here.

                    1. re: PattyC

                      I did just hear that we snagged the internet special lunch at Guy Savoy for our anniversary. Do you think that is a better call than Le Cinq? We are looking for the total experience--service, setting, etc. to add to the wonderful food and make our day really special. Glad to have the choice given what I read in this thread specifically but now not sure what to do. Can any of you help me please? Thanks. I promise a post whatever we decide.

                      1. re: cadwex

                        Guy Savoy has great food and great service, but one does not go there for the setting.

                        1. re: cadwex

                          Plafield's thread notwithstanding, l have been at both more than once, it is a tough call.
                          The setting, flowers, sunniness, size of tables lead me to Le Cinq. Always have a great time at both.

                          1. re: cadwex

                            I wrestled with this exact dilemma for quite a while and came to the conclusion that there is no wrong answer. We went for Savoy solely due to the ALC point as I have an aversion to lunchtime menus but your instinct was for Le Cinq and I would stick to it.

                            You will clearly have a brilliant time at either.

                    2. Thanks all. I am now trying for the internet lunch at Guy Savoy--although we are probably too late for that (we are less than 2 weeks away). Otherwise not sure exactly what we will do for our special day considering how soon it is coming up. I am very bummed to hear about Le Cinq as we selected it based on all the wonderful things I read on this Board and other sites. May just continue with Le Cinq and try to substitute another plat if we don't like the special menu choices or just go a la carte. I assume that food is still wonderful?

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                        I was booked for lunch at Le Cinq today and almost changed plans after seeing this thread, but I am very glad I didn't. This was my second visit to Le Cinq, the first being last October. Both times the experience was incredible and a great value with the lunch menu.

                        I will note that the service captain that was fantastic on our first visit was not present at lunch today, and the service may have suffered slightly. They served our "pre-dessert" after our desserts (maybe intentionally?) and a server dropped my dessert on the floor (it was in a martini glass - an embarrassing accident, but no real impact to my meal as they quickly brought another). But it was still world class where it counts - you will feel like a king in the dining room, but the service is never stuffy and they make you feel incredibly comfortable. Not surprised to see them sub from the main menu as they are very accommodating. We subbed a dessert for the cheese plate.

                        I was also very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the menu on offer today (better than our last visit). We had a completely different menu than plafield. The best was a raw salmon belly entree that had some of the best fish I've had anywhere (including Sushi Yasuda in NYC and good addresses in Tokyo). My plat was a young pigeon roast with equal parts foie gras within a thin, flaky crust that was perfectly pink and, for me, the perfect food for this dining room.

                        I can detail the other dishes if you like, but overall the food was delicious and overwhelming, in the best way.

                        Frankly, it's not the most interesting / innovative food I've had in Paris (Kei might get those honors for this trip). But it is still very, very good. It's not the kind of food you intellectualize - it's food to enjoy. I think it's a great Paris experience and would still definitely recommend you go.

                        Finally, the wine list also has good values - we had a fantastic bottle of 2006 Raveneau Butteaux Chablis for 85 euros.

                        1. re: tomotsu

                          Thanks, tomotsu, for your report and encouragement. Sounds like you had just the kind of experience we are hoping for on our anniversary. I did email Guy Savoy to see if I could get the internet lunch special for that day and haven't heard back yet but I am now much comforted with our choice of Le Cinq. We had already decided if the special menu does not appeal, and we cannot get them to substitute something that grabs us, we will take a deep breath and go a la carte. After all, our 30th anniversary only comes around once!

                          1. re: tomotsu

                            Glad l posted posted about the Raveneau, isn't is marvelous ?

                            1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                              It was my first Raveneau and a great way to be introduced. The sommelier was very excited about it as well. Overall good wine list at decent prices given the environment, glassware and service. Some other good values I noticed going through the (very heavy) wine list were a few whites from the Jura around 60 euros (incl. Puffeney), Cotat Sancerre 60-80 euros, and a few Rougeard at 90 euros. I'm sure there are others too at a slightly higher price bracket but I could only hold that list for so long - wish they would post it online.

                              1. re: tomotsu

                                If you are still in Paris, Caves de Pantheon on Rue St Jacques in the 5th has Overnoy Vin de Liquor, considered the finest macvin from the Jura. Crus and Descouvertes on Rue Paul Bert has producers of Jura that feature savignan as the white grape. Finally Villeret, a resto in the 10th has Raveneau at prices about 40% cheaper than Le Cinq and more variety, last time in 4 vintages of Buttreaux

                                1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                                  Don't want to derail, but thanks Deluca! Going to try to stop by Villaret before we leave Paris this weekend. We are actually going to the Jura for a few days next week will be visiting Overnoy. Can't wait!

                                  1. re: tomotsu

                                    Visit Clavelin as well, tell them Peter Weygandt sent you, he is the American importer.

                        2. Over the past few years I have been to Le Cinq for lunch no fewer than five or six times, most recently this past December. Le Cinq has consistently offered, the most enjoyable three star lunch experience (even though it is "only" 2 stars) of any of the top lunch deals I have had in Paris*. I have rarely experienced such great meals at such a relatively low price. Guy Savoy's internet special is a close second; and frankly, it is a toss up between the two. These are my two go-to recommendations, as they are accessible, consistent, and wonderful at guest relations.

                          Changing one's reservations based upon one or two internet reviews by strangers is a mistake. I almost made this mistake after reading some unflattering reviews of Josephine Chez Dumonet, a restaurant that I now enjoy greatly. Restaurants have off days, as do diners and reviewers. People have different taste (e.g. Les Papilles is one of the most universally praised places on this site; I did not enjoy it at all); so trust your choices and experience the restaurants you choose for yourself.

                          (*Though my personal favorite is L'Astrance).

                          1. i actually really liked the sheep's milk ice cream pre-dessert when i had it last november. in fact that was my favourite dish of the entire trip. i thought it was inspiring both in terms of flavour and textural combination; it also made sense, sort of a "savoury dessert", as one transitions into the dessert course.

                            re: olives in dessert - ph has olive macarons. at least it's not foie gras (also a ph flavour! lol!) ;)

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                            1. re: akated

                              I'm glad that people are still enjoying great experiences at Le Cinq and I agree that people shouldn't write off a restaurant due a few bad reviews. I'm just sharing my experience and that it has been echoed by a number of people whose opinion I highly respect.

                              This was our third visit to Le Cinq and both the entrees and plats were seriously less enjoyable than our previous 2 visits. Of course it's quite possible that we hit them on a bad day, every restaurant has less than stellar days, and in hindsight I definitely wish we had spoken up about not caring for either choice of plats. I do think it's pretty gutsy to offer kidneys and red mullet as the only choices for main dishes. But even different mains wouldn't have made the entrees more interesting or flavorful.

                              As for the sheep's milk ice cream, I too, thoroughly enjoyed it, with the cucumber gellee (minus the olive tapanade.) I was grateful the olives weren't mixed in. In my opinion, olives are too strong a flavor to enhance as opposed to over power anything even remotely in the sweet category. I think of olives in dessert as a fad, an affectation. Similar to the sprinkling of dried candied olives over the lemon yogurt cake at Verjus. Just left me asking "Why?" But to each their own.

                              1. re: plafield

                                "...olives in dessert as a fad..."

                                And, sadly these trends do make the rounds, kitchen after kitchen, until they are replaced by the next innovation.

                                1. re: plafield

                                  I give many places where I am disappointed a "do over" if I think there is good reason to do so. However, IMO restaurants of this caliber and price range do not get a "do over."

                                  1. re: plafield

                                    i must say that i don't recall the olive tapanade overpowering the ice cream, although i probably took only the slightest bit of it with the ice cream/gelee.

                                  2. re: akated

                                    Herme in Tokyo has foie gras macarons near Christmas.

                                    1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                                      PH in Paris also had the Foie macarons in the past - that said he does move "the collection" forward each season so maybe no longer in fashion.

                                      1. re: PhilD

                                        yup i've noticed.

                                        the last "crazy" macaron i ate from him was the "jardin enchante" - lime, raspberry, and espelette pepper!

                                    2. I ate there around the same time you did and I have to say I loved the pre-dessert. I thought the olives worked really well. We're still digesting and sorting our information so I can't give a better report yet. We had the same amuses as you but none of the same entrees. It was our first time there and we were well pleased with the entre experience, but for the money, our meal at Guy Savoy was much more to our taste. Le Cinq wasn't a place I'd hurry back to, but Guy Savoy was.

                                      1. I must put in a good word for Le Cinq.
                                        I was there for dinner (not lunch) this past winter.
                                        We did their tasting menu.

                                        Le Cinq was my single favorite dining experience in Paris EVER.

                                        (Beating out, in this order, Lasserre, Pierre Gagnaire, and L'Astrance).

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                                        1. re: pauliface

                                          I think the issue is more related to the "cheap" lunch menu than either the tasting menus or the regular menus.

                                          1. re: Maximilien

                                            Yes indeed, I'm referring to the lunch menu. I believe the restaurant is still top shelf (I could tell by the extras that go to everyone that the kitchen is turning our wonderful things) and if I could afford to eat ALC I'd not hesitate to go back. But for the lunch "deal" this experience was not as it was the previous 2 times and wouldn't go back again for it, even after reading that others felt their meals were wonderful.

                                        2. After asking many questions of this board and worrying about whether Le Cinq was the right place for our special 30th anniversary lunch, we decided to forge ahead and I must say we were totally delighted. We went for the lunch special and they were very accommodating in substituting the special char (that was on the chef's tasting menu) for the red mullet (which was one of the choices on the lunch special along with hangar steak--neither appealed to me). They also recommended substituting the dessert from the chef's tasting menu (which was a fab strawberry sorbet, berries, cake, yummy thing) for the lunch dessert. We couldn't refuse and, although we ordered one dessert and one cheese tray, they brought us 2 desserts after the cheese tray. We started with pink champagne, 2 amuses--one with mackerel, Parmesan crisp and radish sandwich (mentioned by pafield), the other with 2 fried crawfish, 1 marinated shrimp and the most amazing pea veloute I have ever eaten--I wanted to lick the container but it was too small to get my tongue in! Bread and butter of course divine. Entrees were sardines with a sardine tartare for my husband and, for me, crab on little pancakes with a plate decorated with caviars and relishes--just a dab of each--which was great. Main course was the red mullet for my husband who enjoyed it and char for me that literally melted in my mouth. I wanted to lick the plate (notice a trend?) I was so happy! Pre dessert was the ice cream with fruit and olives and, while I shuddered when I read about it here, I really enjoyed! Then the cheese course. Can't describe what we ate but all the cheeses were wonderful. Next our strawberry delights. And then the cart with a few more things--had to go for some jellies and chocolates. They sent us home with a box of the candies for later--if I ever eat again! They took our photo and gave it to us as a souvenir. Service was fantastic. The sommelier set us up with wines by the glass to match our courses and they were all wonderful. We each had one glass of champagne and 3 glasses of different wines to match what we were eating (and match they did and all were wonderful) We paid plenty for the experience--bill was close to 400€--but it was an experience we will not forget. Plus we will save money on dinner which is impossible to think about at the moment!
                                          I will start a new thread with my other restaurants. So far, Neva and Dans les Landes with L'Ami Jean tomorrow night. Not a bad meal yet! Thanks to all of you who contributed to our choices. Off to continue our anniversary celebration.

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                                          1. re: cadwex

                                            Glad you liked le Cinq. Was at Dans Les Landes tonight and l suspect you will like it as well. Get the Croissant sandwich, the duck hearts and the first dessert on list, it is the franchise.

                                            1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                                              And the cipirones (baby squid) and quail.
                                              Pigged out so thoroughly with fellow hounds that we walked home afterwards, crossing Paris from way down in the southern tip of the 5th back north to the 9th. Paris summer night, no hardship at all, au contraire.

                                              1. re: Parigi

                                                Sorry we missed you guys by one day. We were there on Tuesday night without the advantage of your suggestions. Did have the baby squid, quail, the duck and foie gras spring rolls, pork belly and first dessert. We had to give up at that point. Wish we could have tried more--next time.
                                                Tonight is L'Ami Jean. Can't wait! Although got caught out in the storm and feeling a bit waterlogged at the moment!

                                                1. re: cadwex

                                                  "pork belly"

                                                  Indeed it was great too.

                                                  "and first dessert. We had to give up at that point."

                                                  We got to that point but didn't give up. :-)

                                              2. re: Delucacheesemonger

                                                The first dessert on the list is called "millassou à la confiture", that might be helpful.

                                                1. re: Ptipois

                                                  Thanks, it will always be fried pudding to me.

                                            2. Over Christmas we ate lunch there. I was also disapointed but or the opposite reasons, I thought the set menu better than the ALC. I went ALC and my wife stayed with the set, she had a far better meal than I. I thought the dishes on the ALC was fairly pedestrian and one dimensional, but the set dishes seemed more interesting. Like others I thought the menu sounded dull but in hindsight I would say it is still worth it and a "safe" place to go off piste and try things on the menu that you wouldn't normally order.

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                                              1. re: PhilD

                                                Haven't been to Le Cinq but I like your description of the restrictions of a set menu. I also enjoy it very much when I order something on a set menu that I would have never ordered ALC, and end up loving it, it broadens the mind.

                                                1. re: Rio Yeti

                                                  This is why we didn't ask to substitute when we saw the 2 choices were things we would never have ordered ALC. We thought it was an opportunity to try something new and that if anyone could do it in a way we'd enjoy it would be Le Cinq. Sadly, we were wrong. I simply did not enjoy the flavor of mullet and the kidneys, while I liked the flavor (and adore most organ meat) these were very rubbery and far from delectable.

                                                  1. re: plafield

                                                    "This is why we didn't ask to substitute when we saw the 2 choices were things we would never have ordered ALC. We thought it was an opportunity to try something new and that if anyone could do it in a way we'd enjoy it would be Le Cinq."

                                                    Your adventurous attitude is admirable. I only trust Stéphane Jégo and Daniel Rose to make me try the kind of food I normally stay away from, and it - they - has never gone wrong. :-)

                                              2. I also wanted to put in a good word for Le Cinq...my husband and I had the 3 course lunch there in mid-May and we both simply loved it all around. The food and service was definitely better than at Pierre Gagnaire, which I did not expect since Le Cinq has 2 stars versus PG's 3 stars. In fact I would put Le Cinq in one of my top favorite Michelin experiences ever, over French Laundry and Le Bernardin.

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                                                1. re: miniplum

                                                  Wow. Good to hear that about Le Cinq!
                                                  As far as PG though, would you recommend not going there? Did you go for lunch or dinner? I was going to get reservations there as well as Le Cinq but may not now.
                                                  I have been batting around the idea of going to L'Agape Substance instead of PG just because it will be a much closer walk from the hotel and it will be about 2 or 3 hundred euros less. I know the experience wont be anything like PG but if it isn't a mind blowing experience, I don't want to waste my money!

                                                  1. re: naughtyb

                                                    It's one of those things I'm glad I went because otherwise I'd keep wondering about it...so if you are one of those people, then I'd suggest you go. :) Those are the only two Michelin star restaurants I had time to go to in Paris so unfortunately I don't have any other suggestions. If I had to pick between Le Cinq and PG though, it'd be the former, hands down.

                                                    To elaborate more on PG, the service there was very stiff and formal. It could have just been our waiter, who knows. In the end I just wanted someone to smile. We went for lunch, and had their "lunch tasting menu" as well. My husband and I thought it was odd there weren't very many people there, as opposed to what we saw at Le Cinq. We got lots of amuse bouches but most of our reactions to the food was "Hm, interesting" as opposed to "Omg, that's amazing." I'm an adventurous eater and love strange ingredient combinations but in the end they still have to work and I just didn't really get that at PG which was a letdown. And we also felt the pace was rushed, which is a bit unusual for a Parisian restaurant which is all about having lunch at a leisurely pace.

                                                    Hope that helps!

                                                    1. re: naughtyb

                                                      The "Lunch Menu" is not the way to go at Pierre Gagnaire. The first course (a series of small tastings) and the abbreviated version of his Grande Dessert are always interested with some excellent dishes. The two main plates are often pedestrian. To fully appreciated PG, order a la carte,. Despite his reputation as a mad scientist in the kitchen, he is basically a great classical French chef in the way he handles the main ingredients. He sources the best, ie, his turbot is always cut from the thickest center of a large fish, he sears the skin side then simple turn it over in a foam of the freshest and best butter to gently cook the other side. The flavor and texture is amazing. What he surrounds the fish is when he is playful, but they are there just to set off the beautifully cooked fish; same with just about all his plates, may it be lobster, lamb, veal or langostine. After, order the Grande Dessert PG (there is always a surprise in each dish) and your dining partner, one of his souffles, amazingly light and intense with all its accompanying tidbits. First time visitors tend to order the “Tasting Menu” but to me, it is overly long with too much food and the progression of courses doesn’t always make sense. I agree with the earlier post about the service; depending on which captain one gets, it can be proper and a bit formal or warm and witty. Regardless, it is always on precise and on cue.
                                                      When it comes to food, I am not a bit fan of Le Cinq. For the "value lunch" among the 3 stars, I would go with Guy Savoy or Ledoyen.

                                                      1. re: PBSF

                                                        Actually, we did pay an extra $80 to try one of the a la carte dishes, a duck entree. I agree that it was probably the best plate we had for lunch but it wasn't enough for me to want to come back and spend that kind of money again. Furthermore, I believe a lunch menu should always be as impressive as the "regular" menu, especially if the head chef is there. Gagnaire himself came to our table during the meal and then again when we left and I think his enthusiasm and not the food was the best part of the meal.

                                                        1. re: miniplum

                                                          Your duck entree was probably the aiguillettes, the 'supreme' of the duck and IMHO the best part. When l was there we told the server that somehow we never received that dish and they joyfully served it to us a second time smiling all the time

                                                          1. re: miniplum

                                                            "a lunch menu should always be as impressive as the "regular" menu." Some places may attain closer that goal than others. As I wrote earlier, PG does not remotely attain that goal. For each individual, it comes down to which one gives the best value and what one want from a restaurant. You like le Cinq and I like Guy Savoy and Ledoyen (for the food); that is what makes choosing a 3 star restaurant such a difficult decision. One has to give up something when the the 'lunch menu' is one third the cost of their tasting menu or ordering a la carte.

                                                            1. re: PBSF

                                                              Our lunch several years ago at Le Cinq is still the most memorable dining experience we've ever had. The service was incredibly warm and welcoming. We recently had dinner at La Pergola in Rome. It is Rome's only 3 star. Dinner cost a small fortune and didn't even come close to what we experienced at Le Cinq.

                                                    2. Just back from a 3.5 hour lunch at Le Cinq. Because of this thread, l tried to push the envelope to see if l could rattle them at all. We were three, when we got there l asked for the huge table in the back left which has the best light for pictures and usually saved for four people, no problem they gave it to us. Skipped the champagne service and started with a bottle of Raveneau Butteaux 2007, it came corked and the sommelier replaced with a 2007 Montee de Tonnerre, which was lovely. Set of cold amuse and then a set of hot amuse, some great, some good. As l and one other person were not happy with foie de veau or rouget for our plat, we asked if we could substitute the lamb shoulder off the a la carte menu for the plat on the cheapy menu, they said of course. l also replaced the dessert course with the cheese course, while my companions did not, but when cheese served all at the table got a cheese plate and they got dessert.
                                                      We had 4 bottles of wine and the oyster entree with oysters served four ways was brilliant, as well as the lamb shoulder, which is cooked 17 hours, and a girole risotto was super as well. The other main course was liver and the person who ordered it said it was perfect. Cheeses were interesting as they have changed their source to an affineur from Savoie and had an extraordinary 3 year Beaufort.
                                                      Water was Chateldon charged for one bottle when two were served.
                                                      Everyone had a fantastic time, as always they will do anything to please you and did. In my view it did not lose a step.

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                                                      1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                                                        Thanks DCM, that's nice to hear... nice to hear indeed :)

                                                        1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                                                          Oh my. My favorite cheeses are the ones from Savoie. Of course, next time I'm in Paris I intend to return to Le Cinq anyway, but this just gives me more to look forward to. :-)

                                                          1. re: pauliface

                                                            Glad to hear it. Very much wish we had asked for different options. Live and learn.

                                                          2. re: Delucacheesemonger

                                                            Did they charge a supplement when they substituted different dishes for you?