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Best Indian restaurant in Manhattan

The title pretty much says it all-what is the BEST Indian restaurant in Manhattan? Thank you.

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  1. do a search: there are two or three very long threads recently that ask this exact question...

      1. I don't know any contenders for Best, though I do know where not to go. That list gets longer with every venture towards Indian cuisine I have.

        I look forward to reading what others may have found that are good.

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          Jonkyo, I hear you. I love the elevated cuisine on offer at places like Tulsi or Devi, but what I personally miss is good chaat and Indo-Pak home cooking, the kind of really down and dirty stuff you find at home and which represents some of the best of South Asian in my experience. I go to Jackson Heights when I really need a fix, otherwise I'll settle for a middling place in Manhattan that does a few things well. If anything NYC has vastly improved my cooking skills since I have yet to find a place with a rogan josh, vindaloo or shami kebab as good as what comes out of my kitchen, let alone recreate my father's regional recipes.

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            We haven't been to Devi in a very long time, i.e., well before Hemant left to open Tulsi. Have you been to Devi lately? If so, is the food as good as when Hemant helmed the kitchen?

            As for Tulsi, I've read elsewhere that Hemant is now leaving the cooking to someone else and the food quality has deteriorated.


        2. Tamarind is probably most expensive. Possibly the most inconsistent too. It is surely not the best. I have no favorite,

          1. Junoon is great and you can get 30% off on Savored.

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              Junoon is our current favorite upscale Indian restaurant. We were there for dinner again last week. The only exception to an otherwise excellent meal was one of the the two desserts we ordered: an awful peach galette.

              Photos of our dinner last week at Junoon: http://www.flickr.com/photos/11863391...


              1. re: Tommy D.

                Surely when you say Junoon's great, you're not referring to the food. Especially since no restaurant in Manhattan can give 30% off, make quality food, and keep its head out of the water.

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                  It sounds like you have never eaten there.
                  Junoon does have great Indian food.

              2. Well, we tried Tamarind last night...I think it is a really good restaurant if you want an upscale place that appeals to all taste buds. We had the samosa & kachori for appetizers which were outstanding. In main course we had the cholae + nargisi kofta. We loved the cholae but wouldn't have the nargisi kofta again...the latter was interesting but something my taste buds were not used to. For dessert, we had the chocolate mousse with pineapple cake...a dish my wife fell in love with instantly.

                Bottom line -- a good restaurant if you want to have a nice and upscale indian dinner. If you are raring for more authentic (Delhi style) food, try Bukhara in mid-town or try Vatan on 3rd and 29th -- latter is absolutely rocking all you can ear vegetarian food.

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                    Haven't been there...good? Is it better than Sarvana Bhavan on Lex?

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                      Saravana is a vegetarian restaurant. Anjapar is mostly known for Chettinadu dishes. I wouldn't compare them.

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                        We've not been to Anjappar. But since it appears you have, can you tell us what you ate there and whether or not you thought the food was good?


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                          If you're interested, there was a review in the Times in June. I've only been twice, and I've only tried a few curries from the Chettinad part of the menu.

                          Mutton Sukka Varuval is braised goat that's then cooked "dry" with an unknown (to me) assortment of spices. There is a great vegetable curry from that part of the menu with coconut - I forget what it's called. There's a more-on-the-wet-side curry called Chettinad Chicken, and a curry made with several bulbs of whole garlic cloves that I'd order again anytime.

                          Everything I mentioned here is in the south-asian scoville range, and unlike anything I've had in an Indian place in NY. At least 1 other hound has informed me that there's an equally good (or better) place in Queens (or Staten Island?) called Dosa-something.

                          Most of Anjapar's menu is familiar northern dishes, and I haven't seen any other posts on it here.

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                            Thanks! Obviously, you thought well enough of the food the first time to go again. I'd never heard of Chettinad cuisine until Anjappar opened. I think we'll give it a try since the dishes you describe sound good.


                            1. re: RGR

                              You're welcome. If you get a chance, let us know how it was.

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                              Yes! The sukka varuval is an absolute highlight there. Also there is an all garlic curry with whole garlics that is out of this world. Highly recommended.

                              1. re: NYJewboy

                                What is sukka varuval? The garlic curry is indeed delicious!

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                                  Sukka varuval is a complex dry curry. Anjappar is known for their sukka varuval with goat, which for some reason is termed "mutton".

                    2. I went to Junoon 2 weeks ago and thought it was excellent - the food and the service. BUT, I had a groupon. The place is very expensive and given all of the options in the city, I don't know if I would go back at full price. I would go back in a heartbeat with another deal, though

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                        Junoon is expensive in the evening.
                        But their Prix Fixe $24 lunch is a real bargain..