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My husband and I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in early June. We are going to slip away for lunch on the big day (a Friday). Any suggestions for a nice lunch, walking distance from King + John? (I don't mind a good walk, so it can be up to a half hour walk away) We don't get out much, so I don't know what restaurants are tops these days. Thanks!

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  1. The garden patio at George is beautiful, and the food is probably just right for such a special occasion lunch. I'd be worried about boisterous corporate lunches at most indoor top tier restaurants in the area, taking away from some of the romance.

    1. You could try Luma in the TIFF right in your hood at King and John Miranda

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        I second George, but perhaps pre-book a semi-private upholstered window seat on the south wall.. tres romantique if the weater is not patio favorable. And take a fast cab down Adelaide, get out at Church and Adelaide and surprise her with a pre-arranged silly trinket(anklet?) from a pawn shop one block north of Church and Queen before you go to lunch.

      2. the elevator table at bravi.....no business people will disturb you!

          1. Oh yeah patio at George all the way.

            1. Had a lovely & romantic bday lunch with my husband at Galery Grill, Hart House once.

              1. Thanks so much, everyone! I'll try for George, and will report back.

                1. Had lunch at George last Friday. It was lovely! It was a hot, sunny day, and the patio was shady and lush. We both had the tasting menu, which was great.
                  First course: Tuna Tartare for him and Soft shell crab for me. Yum!
                  Second course: Ricotta gnocchi with tomato sauce. This was the only course that was underwhelming. I found it a bit bland and underseasoned.
                  Third course: Pork tenderloin with mashed potatoes and spicy carrot slaw for him, Cornish hen with ratatouille for me. Delicous!
                  Dessert: white chocolate mousse with mini crullers and spiced apple cake with espresso ice cream. Soooo good.
                  Thank you for the great recommendations. We're going out for my birthday lunch next week, so I'm thinking we'll try one of your other suggestions!