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May 24, 2012 06:57 AM

"New on Chow"--please warn us if the link leads to a video!

I guess this is a corollary thread to the one on the Supertaster videos. On the right-hand side of the Chowhound page are links to new items on Chow (e.g. Story, Recipe). It would be nice if somewhere next to the image, one could place the word "Video". I get frustrated when I click on the link because I want to read a story, only to find out it's a video (sorry, Chow--videos are way too slow for me!)

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    1. Same here. I don't even bother clicking on them anymore.

      1. Thanks for this comment, and sorry the videos are so slow for you!

        Not sure if there's anything we can do to fix this right now, but I will definitely pass on this feedback.

        Dave MP

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        1. re: Dave MP

          Thanks for replying! When I said that videos were slow, I didn't mean that they loaded slowly, but rather that I can read information much faster than it takes to watch a video. I can get to the important parts in text quickly, whereas videos seem to drone on.

            1. re: nofunlatte

              Agreed. I wonder if the media-wide trend toward replacing text with video caters to the decreased attention span of people raised with Sesame Street and other programming characterized by rapidly-changing subject matter, or if it is perhaps a response to the rate of illiteracy and/or proportion of the public that does not read or speak English. Whatever the reason(s), a picture is not always worth even a dozen words, much less a thousand, especially when one has to wait far longer for it to appear on a computer screen than it would take for a text presentation of the same material.

              1. re: greygarious

                I suspect it's more sales-driven than that. Video make pages more "sticky." Time spent on a page from a click is an indicator of page quality in terms of web content. Visitors who watch videos stay longer. 

                1. re: Samalicious

                  And, advertising is physically tied to YouTube videos. Videos would allow CHOW to broaden their membership base beyond this website. Potential YouTube revenue is made with account setups. If these new programming ideas are about the $$ as well as entertainment/education, I can't blame decision-markers for that.

                  This site is changing all the time.

                2. re: greygarious

                  I was the first generation to grow up on Sesame Street, and I detest the videos.

                  Not everyone younger than you is attention-deficit.

                  1. re: sunshine842

                    I learned to read at 3 in part thanks to Sesame Street, or so my parents tell me.

                    And I agree re the videos—never watch them.

                3. re: nofunlatte

                  Agreed. In the time it takes to watch 2 or 3 videos, I could have read 2 *dozen* recipes and picked my favourite.
                  Watching videos in public is also annoying for everyone else around me. "CHOWTIPS!!" or whatever being sung out during videos is especially vile. No, I don't always have headphones with me.

                  1. re: khh1138

                    ugh - that autotune "chowtips" is like nails on a chalkboard.

              2. The image has a play button. That's enough of a clue for me.

                I don't see what the fuss is about. None of us reads or views Chow to save time. It is a way of wasting time while pretending we are doing something useful. Plus while I am listening to a Chowtip or Supertaster I can read something else in another tab. Even I, a pre-Sesame Street kid, have learned to multitask.

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                1. re: paulj

                  Despite the obviously popular misconception (this is the second wildly inaccurate statement of its kind this week), there are plenty of us who grew up on Sesame Street who have achieved multiple university degrees and successful careers.

                  We're not all drooling slackers with a game controller in our parents' basement -- there are plenty of us with IQs larger than our waist size and who can read faster than anyone can speak.

                  1. re: sunshine842

                    I didn't say anything bad about the Sesame generation, did I?

                  2. re: paulj

                    Larger video images do have a play button, but the OP was talking about the images under "New on Chow" in the right-hand column. It's true that the Supertaster is labeled there as a Story, but when you click it, you are brought to a page where you can play a video. I understand that this is misleading, and we're working on some things that will address this. So thank you to nofunlatte for bringing this up!

                    1. re: Dave MP

                      Thanks, Dave--that is exactly what I meant. And I do know what a "play" button is--I'm reasonably intelligent and have managed to acquire multiple degrees and I even learned to read! And multitasking is largely a myth--VERY few people can do it without impairment or performance deterioration (I think it was a U of Utah study that demonstrated this).

                  3. We're working on a fix so that videos are categorized properly and no one ends up clicking on something they didn't mean to. It should go out in the next week or so. We're on it.

                    Thanks, Meredith

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                    1. re: mudaba

                      It would sure be nice if you could print the script for the videos - it wouldn't' take up much server space, would drive the search engines page counts (because the text would appear on the searches), and would then give us the choice -- read the article, or watch the video.

                      Increased search hits, increased clicks from everybody (because they know they can make the choice), and no threads like this -- everybody's happy.

                      (No, someone will still find a reason to bitch, but MOST everybody will be happy.....)

                      1. re: sunshine842

                        I love it when sites offer this - watch the video or read the transcript. So nice. The best of both worlds!

                        1. re: khh1138

                          and it means I don't have to transcribe the video if it's a recipe I might actually want.

                          1. re: sunshine842

                            Regarding a CHOW recipe within a video story, if they are avail for members the link is posted in the short intro area above the video usually and if it isn't I've noticed CH's ask for it in the comment section and CHOW staffers typically add it.

                            1. re: HillJ

                              but at the moment, since I know the transcript isn't there, and I don't like watching the videos....I don't click....which is why transcripts would work better -- more clicks, more eyeballs, and a longer stick time, especially if I copy the recipe.

                              1. re: sunshine842

                                I'm working on a transcript solution, but can't promise when it will happen. It's duly noted that it's something users want, though. It just takes time to plan it and incorporate it into our workflow. Thanks for your interest in reading the videos!


                                1. re: mudaba

                                  thanks for acknowledging the comment.