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Spalla's/ Culinary delights in Natick

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Culinary delights which is a really good russian store and deli has expanded to include Spalla's. Spalla's serves Chicago style Italian Beef and and hot dogs along with Maxwell St. style Polish sausages. Now being a native Chicagoan, I was skeptical about the quality and authenticity but desperate for a local source.Yesterday was the first day they were open and so I went for dinner and had a Italian Beef and a Chicago dog. Both were excellent by Boston standards and very passable by Chicago standards. The bread used for the Italian beef is imported from Turano bakery in Chicago. They couldn't get a reliable source for Gonnella which I would prefer but they also had a good giardineira. The hot dog had the required poppy seed bun, sport peppers, nuclear green relish and celery salt. All in all, I can't wait to go back. If only I could find some Chicago style pizza.


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  1. Very interesting. I live in the area and will definitely give this place a try. Looks like it is right next to the Route9/27 Plaza. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Have you tried NY Pie in Waltham, and if so, how do they compare?

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        NY Pie's italian beef is delicious, but nothing like a Chicago Italian Beef. Seasoning and condiments are completely different flavors from what they should be. Good though!

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          Have you had the Italian Beef recently? My son called a couple off the ago and was told they no longer offer it.

      2. I like Culinary Delights. Did they open inside?
        I recently read that Beezers is re-opening inside Trombetta's in Northboro. For years they were the only place to get a Chi Dog.

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            Spallas <> Beezers. Beezers was an ice cream/hot dog stand in Northborough that had been around for years before their landlord kicked them out so he could open a bad pizza joint. Trombetta's (a Marlborough garden shop and ice cream stand, among other things) Just opened a new location in Northborough (up the street from the high school - location location location!) In this location they're also providing space for Beezers to sell their Chicago Italian beef sandwiches and dogs.

            I haven't tried anything from the "new" Beezers, but they had a pretty good rep here and around for their Chicago dogs. I hope they do well in their new incarnation.

        1. I noticed the signs the other day. As another native Chicagoan, I really, really hope they're good. I just got back from Chicago - had dogs at Gold Coast Dogs on N. Wabash, and Italian Beef at Al's on E. Jackson.

          I'll swing by and report back.

          1. Nice friendly folks, tasty Italian beef (certainly the best I've had in the Boston area), good chili dog.

            1. Has anyone tried the italian Beef at NY Pie in Waltham? I've tried it, but have nothing to compare it to. Tasty enough sandiwch. I'd love to hear other in-the-know hounds' impressions.

              1. I am a Chicagoan through and through and have been craving Chicago hot dogs and Italian beef for years. I tried Spalla's today. The Chicago dog was spot on. The bun was perfect and steamed. The Vienna dog itself was perfect (of course). The toppings met all Chicago standards. Way to go Spalla's. Now there are two places in Metrowest to get great Chicago Hot Dogs. Spalla's and Beezer's in Northborough. HOWEVER, the Italian beef at Spalla's was not, in my opinion, up to par. It was very heavy on the pepper and had little other flavor. When I eat a good Chicago Italian beef sandwich (like at the original Al's), I expect an explosion of flavor in my mouth. Did not get that here. You can get it at Beezer's. Their Italian beef rivals anything I have ever had (including Al's)! So to sum up, I think Spalla's does a great job on the dogs and OK on the beef (definately better than Windy City Eats which is awful).

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                  I tried it today as well. Ordered a Chicago Italian Beef, with mild giardinera. The meat, bread and giardinera were good, but I think it needs more juice/gravy... my ideal rendition has bread that's sopping wet in the beefy goodness. Still worth going back, though! Owners are incredibly friendly. Maybe if I ask for extra jus next time, I'll get what I'm looking for.

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                    My memory of the italian beef at Spalla was about the same as at Windy City Eats which was that it was completely reminiscent of typical italian beefs I'd get when in Chicago.

                    Not saying they were the best of breed or anything, and anyone could rattle off a local favorite from there which is superior, but rather if I walk into a place in Chicago that is w/o much fanfare, what I'd likely get is comparable to these two spots.

                    That said, I agree w/ prav that when I asked for mine 'dipped', I thought it'd be wetter.

                2. Had (and enjoyed) the hot dog(s) there very much last week

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                    I stop in here every so often and always leave satisfied. The owner husband and wife are lovely too. It's one of those places you really root for. Natick has two very solid hotdog options between this place and Casey's. Now, how about a burger in the area to match?

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                      Casey's although known for their hot dog actually has a pretty amazing hamburger