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May 23, 2012 09:46 PM

Collateral Casualties in the Sushi Wars-Cones

Anyone remember the venerable Negitoro Cone?

Not the easily folded/made in advance rolls but real hand made Cones?

Yes some Itamae will do them on occasion but more and more I'm left with stunned looks from servers and sullen mumbling from chefs when I try and order one.

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  1. Really? Negitoro cones and chopped scallop cones are two of my favourites (the nori is so much more crisp than in a roll) -- I had no idea I was causing such resentment!

    1. if you ever venture in to the rural commuter zone of Vancouver (ie Sunshine Coast / Gibsons Landing) - this place is very popular and will make cones (for a discount, no less) -- it's near Molly's Reach.

      1. I haven't found that in the sushi bars I frequent. I would be kinda grimmed out if served a "pre-made" hand roll, actually.

        1. Really? I've never had a problem with ordering cones in any sushi joint I've been to (and a trio of cones; salmon, tuna and negihama; is my standard order). The main thing is to eat them right away before the seaweed goes soft.