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Best Steak Tartare in city

Indulge me please. Either I can't make search work or no one has asked in years:

What's best steak tartare in Manhattan?

(I know of 3 Brooklyn exemplars. But what about city.)

Pick one and why. Thank you.

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  1. Perla has a great one... plus a lot of the other food is great too. the wait for a table can be really long though.

    1. Believe it or not, Angelo and Maxies actually has a great Tartare that they make table side for you.

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      1. 21 Club. Tableside, any way you want it, they have had lots of practice.

        1. I've enjoyed the steak tartare at Patroon in the past, althought it's probably been more than a year since I've been there.

          1. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/763173

            I really enjoy Takashi's, which is thinly-sliced chuck-eye tartare in a sauce topped with a raw quail egg yolk, Japanese seaweed, lemon, sesame seeds.

            1. For classic French style, Balthazar is always solid. Also, Les Halles is generally decent, and they do the whole mix-it-to-your-liking thing. And surprisingly The Lamb's Club made an excellent one, though it's just an app on the prix fixe - and staggeringly overpriced ($26 for an app!) if you get it a la carte at the bar.

              That said, I've become preferential to the Korean style - Yook Hwe. The beef isn't ground, but cut in thin strips (kind of a matchstick cut) which I find infinitely more pleasurable than the French way of doing it. Usually tossed with asian pear & sesame oil, smong other things. Provides more mouthfeel than even hand-cut French tartares, which are usually cut too small for my taste. Whenever I make it at home, even if I spice it French-style, I always cut it Korean-style.

              Gahm Mi Oak makes a good one, worth checking out.

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                Have you tried the one at Takashi? It is very close to the style you describe above. Short strips of meat.

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                  ditto -- thumbs up for the yook hwe at TAKASHI. very tasty tartare variation. they have one with natto too i want to try at some point. its a really nice place, but the prices add up quick in there.

                  the most recent time i had classic tartare was at LUCIENS. it was pretty good and i would rec it.

              2. My favorites are at Blue Ribbon Bakery, the Dutch (although I no longer see it on their menu) and Quality Meats. The Cannibal has a unique veal tartare that is pretty wonderful as well.

                1. Years ago I had the version at Blaue Gans in Tribeca (still on the menu). I was surprised when it arrived with what looked like an unlabeled bottle of oil to dress it with - along with the usual accoutrements. Turned out it was Armagnac. Struck me as odd for an Austrian restaurant but it added an interesting smoky sweetness to the already rich dish.

                  1. What are the Brooklyn exemplars?

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                      You must post on the Outerboroughs board for this.

                      1. Have to say I like the tartare at L'absinthe.....it's a pretty snooty UES scene...but it's good eatin'

                        1. my favorite has always been keens...its from the bar room but you can order it in the main dining area. thick pieces of beef, coursely cut. amazing fries too.