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May 23, 2012 08:51 PM


I didn't see a separate posting for this place on the board. This surprises me. I've eaten at the one off Brodie a couple of times and one just opened near my neighborhood (Northcross Mall).

This place is great. I've never been a Clay Pit fan, or even a huge seeker of Indian food. This place feels right to me though. tender proteins served in spicy flavorful sauces with basmati rice and naan. They have loads of veggie options that don't feel like some sort of compromise. Best of all, the "spicy" option is actually spicy. It's that back of your throat slow build spice that you don't really get with most Mexican or Asian foods.

Today we had four things. a chicken marsala, lamb korma, saag aloo (potato and spinach) and a samosa chaat starter. total cost w/ two ice teas was $36. I took home enough for 1 full serving, which reheated well for dinner.

the starter was maybe the most lackluster of the gang, but still not bad and only a few bucks. Everything else had its own unique flavor and I would order again in a heartbeat.

Food took less than ten minutes to come out and the room is inviting, warm and well lit. Service was cheerful. It being opening day the owners where on hand so I'm sure that always helps. However, the staff was able to make recommendations and had obviously tasted a lot of the menu.

Of course it's not good to base an entire opinion (good or bad) off of a first visit on opening day. But they are trying to be a big chain and this experience mirrored the ones i had down south months ago.

Between Tarka, Hopdoddy, Chens, Phonatic, Bartletts and Dos Batos and then a little further down the NATY with Michi Ramen- Anderson has grown up a lot in the last year. Burnet road, lamar and airport are all coming along nicely as well, but I'll put the affordable food nexus on Anderson up against any square block on south lamar or congress right now.

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  1. Thanks for the report. I am verrrry excited this place opened up. I read ages ago that they were gonna open up there, and then nothing until I saw a mention that they had opened up yesterday. Are they on the Which Wich side of the mall, or the Dos Batos side of the mall?

    This is my neighborhood as well. If their samosas are good, I might be there more than once a week.

    Everything about that reboot of Northcross mall, except for the Walmart, has been above average.

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      It's around the corner from Dos Batos & Elevation, facing the Conn's.

    2. We have eaten at the Brodie location a few times and my husband has gone their for lunch since it's close to his work. It's good and fast and hits the spot when I am too lazy to cook at home. But my homemade is better IMO lol.

      1. This was mine and my husbands first experience with "Indian" food and now we can't get enough. I have no idea how authentic the place is, but I don't care. It's super tasty. We also go to Masala Wok on occasion but merely due to location and the fact that they place that awesome Indian music video channel. My choice is definitely Tarka though

        1. it's pretty good stuff. i've only eaten at the location in the ikea plaza.
          the "naan-inis" (paninis made with naan) are a great "gateway" item for people who don't like curry, or don't think they like indian food.

          1. Be warned - my experience at the one on Brodie is that asking for NO cilantro actually nets you EXTRA cilantro. Blargh! This has happened to me twice, after which I decided that Tarka was one of those only-if-I'm-dying-of-hunger-and-nothing-else-in-Austin-is-open type places.

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              I do not agree with addlepated, and I wonder if the cilantro problem happened at a super busy time for them? I have been getting take out since they opened and never had a problem except maybe one time. Talk to the manager, and I'm sure they can fix it.

              1. re: Mamayumyum

                When you get take-out food, it's pretty hard to fix problems like this. Hungry kids make another 30+ minute wait for dinner a very unattractive prospect. Due to the two times we got so much cilantro after specifically asking for none (and SEEING it on the receipt - "No cilantro") - we have not been back since. And no, it was not particularly busy when we went.

                Sucks to be one of those with the mutant cilantro-tastes-like-soap gene, especially in a region that reveres the devilweed!