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Indianapolis - Birthday Dinner Recommendations

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We will be in Indianapolis this weekend and are looking for a special place to take foodie for birthday. Loves all types of food... Thanks in advance for any recommendations...

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  1. If you're downtown - R Bistro. www.rbistro.com

    If you're on the north side or northern suburbs - Oakley's Bistro. www.oakleysbistro.com

    I haven't been to Recess yet; they have a fixed tasting menu, also on the north side. www.recessindy.com

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      Pretty much agree with nsxtasy.

      R Bistro is outstanding. If you are looking for a gastopub type of thing Black Market or Libertine (downtown). Oakley's gets a ton of love but I found it over-rated. Recess is also fabulous but the menu is fixed so check with them to see what they are serving.

      H2O Sushi is very good if you are looking for that. Fat Dan's is a great lunch spot hole in the wall for Chicago styled Italian Beefs, dogs and sausages. They also make a great burger.