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May 23, 2012 07:25 PM

Iceland, Istanbul, New Mexico or... Plainfield NH?

Seeking an anniversary getaway destination within 1-2 hrs of Boston, Previous culinary adventures have taken us farther afield (hence the title of thread), but now we're limited by the expiration of babysitting time. I'm ideally looking for an inn where we can check in, eat, and relax in a quiet setting for 24-48hrs, and have shortlisted Home Hill Inn in Plainfield NH as a possibility. Would love to find smoked fish and new cheeses adjacent to a modernist hotel on lovely lagoon, open to other suggestions. Thanks for your ideas!

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  1. While I've never stayed there (too close to home for me...) I've had several excellent meals at Home Hill Inn. They are doing particularly well with their in-house charcuterie now.

    You can read my review from last month's visit:

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      Your review is one of the links that drew me to the inn -- thanks!

    2. Purely from a food perspective I would suggest Portland, but it sounds like you have other considerations that are at least equally important.