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Best Pasta Dish of 2012

Hey everyone. So I absolutely love pasta and am looking for an awesome pasta dish in the city. I also want to be able to make a meal out of it and not have it as an appetizer. For example I just went to Crispo last week and had the carbonara which was good and was also big enough for a meal.

Any suggestions for restaurants? and what dish?

The more suggestions the better!

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  1. Here are a few delicious ones I had within the past month:

    Goose liver Ravioli, Balsamic Vinegar, Brown Butter - BABBO

    Spaghetti with crab meat, Santa Barbara Sea Urchins, Basil - MAREA

    Fusili with Red wine braised Octopus, Bone Marrow - MAREA

    Linguine alle Vongole ( Clams, Pancetta, Shishito Peppers, Bread Crumbs ) - LINCOLN

    Ravioli di Miale Cacio e Pepe ( Milk fed Pork Shoulder, Percorina Romano, Black Pepper, Milk Sauce ) - LINCOLN

    Reginette Verdi al Ragu Bolognese ( Veal, Pork, Beef, Parmegiano Reggiano ) - LINCOLN

    [ Some of the aforementioned dishes were split up into appetizer portions ].

    1. Echoing Charles: The Fusilli with Marrow and Octopus at Marea.

      Second: Trofie Nero at AiFiori..black pasta with seppie, scallops and bread crumbs

      1. Spaghetti con uova Di Pesce ( spaghetti, tobiko, shiso)- Basta Pasta
        Zuwai Crab and Bottarga Spaghettini ( crab meat, slowly cooked leeks, garlic,sardinia bottarga, evoo)- Greenwich Grill
        Taglierini Contadina ( thin pasta, hot and sweet sausage, peas,cream, light tomato sauce) - Da Silvano

        1. The NoMad restaurant has a carryover from EMP:

          Tagliatelle w/ King Crab, Meyer Lemon, and black pepper. Sounds simple but so delicious.

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            I agree with your sentiments. I normally do not like pasta with seafood, but this dish is a rare exception.

            Tagliatelle photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/11863391...


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              Totally agree. I'd also like to nominate the Lasagna verde at Osteria Morini.

              The fusilli with duck and foie gras was great at Manzo also.

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                I don't recall if the lasagna I had last year at Osteria Morini was Lasagna Verde,or just lasagna, but it was the best lasagna I have had outside of Italy. Delicious

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                  The verde means they used pasta sheets made of spinach. Was it green? And it had a traditional bolognese meat sauce filling. This is what I had.

          2. OK,so it's a small meal,but the buttermilk pappardelle with smoked goat at Fatty Cue is one of the most delicious pastas that I've had,ever...order 2.

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                I would love to do a side-by-side taste test of this with the 'Lincoln's' version!!

              2. At Ai Fiori: Corzetti with Wild Mushroom Ragu, Brown Butter Fonduta, Sage

                Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/11863391...


                1. the agnolotti at Manzo is great, pork and veal filling in a brown butter sauce.

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                    Plus they sell the agnolotti at the fresh pasta counter so you can try to make the dish at home as well!

                  2. I had the appetizer portion of the Frascatelli all Romana with ramps, speck and black pepper cream at Union Square last month and it was hands down the best pasta dish I've had so far this year. Creamy but light and with a wonderful mouthfeel. Since I thought the 1/2 portion was filling, I am more than sure you can make a whole meal of the full portion. Buon appetito!

                    1. I had the Cortecce with Baby Octopus, Pancetta, Fennel and Garlic Bread Crumbs at Ciano last night. The combination of flavors and textures is superb.

                      1. As much as I enjoyed the SPAGHETTI fresh cut semolina pasta, crab, santa barbara sea urchin, basil from Marea...

                        The Garganelli pasta quills, cream, truffle butter, radicchio, prosciutto, peas from Osteria Morini was the best i've had so far.

                        1. One pasta dish that just did not live up to the hype was the Tajarin alla Carbonara at Dell'Anima. They change some of the ingredients according to the season adding ramps in spring, etc. Now they are serving it with summer black truffles. Sounds delicious right? Well it was very disappointing. Had to send the first plate back for being too cold. The second plate came back with almost no truffles. The taste was fine, but nothing special. Nothing I couldn't get at home from my mother. And yes hers is better =). In all fairness this was during brunch, which really shouldn't be any excuse but maybe they have less experienced chefs working at that time since it was virtually dead.

                          The price was jacked to $28 to account for the truffles (non-existent) and I just felt like I flushed my money down the drain ughhh.

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                            That's unfortunate. I really wanted to try that one!

                          2. I loved Lincoln's rigatoni with lobster, mascarpone cream, tarragon and chives.

                            1. This week at Del Posto: Veal Agnolotti with sweet pea, espresso and grana padano, followed by the Garganelli Verde al Ragu Bolognese. Michael White's Spaghetti at Marea is always a pleasure.