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May 23, 2012 07:16 PM

Banh Mi Ngon opening in West Roxbury next week

We have a new banh mi shop opening in West Roxbury on Tuesday 5/29 (pending final inspection), Banh Mi Ngon at 1759 Centre St. It's located next to Christo's Pizza and on the same block as the recently opened Red-Eyed Pig BBQ and Los Amigos Burritos (the 4th new resto in WR in the last 6 months and 7th in the last year, including Just Baked, Lean Works, Sticky Rice Cafe and Porter Cafe). Van Tang and her husband Tu Vu are newcomers to the restaurant scene but are working with some friends who own Le's in Chestnut Hill. The menu (which I'll try to scan and post) is small but interesting, with most sandwiches in the $4 range, and some apps and drinks (Vietnamese coffee, smoothies).

Some additional coverage of the opening can be found in the West Roxbury Patch ( and the West Roxbury Transcript (

Looking forward to hearing reviews. I'll be in line there next Tuesday.

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  1. As noted, here are some photos of the menu.

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      Very exciting! Great to see some unusual options. Nice prices, too.

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        Mmm, I loves me some sardine banh mi......

      2. Thanks for the update! Do they have a listed phone # or website or FB page? Any online presence?

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          Telephone number is 617-325-0946, but I am not aware of any online presence just yet. I believe they are starting small.

        2. bahn mi, decent barbeque and burritos in the same block?

          i think i just put on five pounds.

          1. They don't have an online presence yet... but are working on it!

            And just a minor correction, Le's actually is not affiliated with this business. Their friend who inspired it was a manager at Le's (not Le himself), Lan Nguyen, and she has been in the restaurant business for over 15 years herself.

            1. Alright, gave them a try tonight (tuesday...grand opening), and a word of warning, they close at 7, so plan accordingly. I arrived just as they were closing, but the lovely owners took my order anyways, which gives them street cred with me, so nice first start. They were out of a few of the bahn mi fixings (beef, pork), so I went with the shrimp paste bahn mi, and the shrimp toast (the wife had the same).
              A pretty good iteration of a classic bahn mi, the bread was the correct type, a nice crusty roll, the shrimp paste was tasty, and the pickled veggies solid. If anything I wish it was a little more spicy, but I wonder if maybe they were throttling it back for the neighborhood....will try and reiterate spicy the next time. Shrimp toast was also quite tasty as well. A very good first impression. Prices were a bit higher than chinatown, but, so I imagine is the rent!
              I think if they consider staying open until 8 maybe (that should cover the dinner rush), and finish adding signage to their store (kind of barren right now, with handwritten menu and signs on the wall), these folks may have a hit on their hand.

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                I hit them tonight as well (warning: I am a homer neighborhood cheerleader for new restaurants, if it wasn't obvious) and I was very happy with the product. I'm new to banh mi, and so I ordered the classic (pork, ham, meatloaf & pate), along with a fresh spring roll and an iced Vietnamese coffee. Top notch all around, echoing the high marks for the bread noted above.

                @lo216 - thanks for the clarification on the Le's connection; I did not mean to mislead in my original comments.

                Counter sandwich shot, coming up....