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May 23, 2012 07:14 PM

Eloping in DC

Looking for nice, upscale, romantic restaurant. Eloping in DC in early July and have no idea where to eat. Want something memorable. Price is not an issue, nothing too exotic, anywhere near courthouse. Thanks!

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  1. Friends celebrated at 701 and it was a lovely venue.

    1. Now there is a post topic that we don't see very often!

      Adour would be nice. So would Plume at the Jefferson Hotel.

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      1. re: Pappy

        Plume absolutely fits what you want.

      2. Congrats! Consider Tosca, Oval Room, Equinox, Corduroy.

        1. I think the most romantic dining room in the city is at Marcel's, and the food is fabulous.

          1. Tom Sietsema always says that when you do an occasion like this, you want to eat at a restaurant that will be here for future anniversaries. I'd say Tabard Inn would be perfect along those lines - delicious, charming, and with a gorgeous patio that time of year. You could even get a room there if you'd like.

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              I love Tabard Inn for really special occasions, particularly if you love antiques in a rich setting. I would stay there. It's lovely. They have a garden dining room in the summer that feels like Paris.