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May 23, 2012 07:08 PM

Chilean empanadas

Does anyone know where I can buy freshly made empanadas in Northern Va or Wash DC? Used to go to Paradiso Eterno Bethesda MD but phone is disconnected. Doesn't look good... Thanks,

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  1. I once bought a delicious Chilean empanada at the Taste of Wheaton Day from El Pollo Sabroso (the restaurant's on Grandview). Except for the fact that it had an olive with a seed inside of it, biting into it was a wonderful experience. I later tried to buy one at the restaurant, but they said the empanadas weren't ready yet that day, and I didn't want to wait. Because they might not be available, I wouldn't recommend going to Wheaton just to buy the turnovers, but if you're in the area, you could check in. El Pollo Sabroso, by the way, is an inexpensive and tasty little restaurant, but you have to be able to make yourself comfortable in a heavy bar-atmosphere.

    1. Julias has them - They have a location in Adams Morgan and in South Dupont at Conn & M.....