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May 23, 2012 06:51 PM

Vegetarian sub for duck in smoked duck lasagna? No soy/fake meat.

I really want to make a recipe from the Bay Wolf cookbook but don't eat meat and am having trouble figuring out what to sub for the duck.

The recipe is a lasagna with duck braised in red wine, and also has morels, peas and arugula. I don't eat soy or other fake meat, so I was hoping to find a vegetable substitute. Obviously it won't taste like duck, but I just want something that would go with the rest of the dish.

I first thought tomatoes, but I don't think that would be ideal now that I looked at the recipe again and at the photo in the book. Any ideas? It may be that I just have to skip this recipe but I'm hoping not. Actually maybe it would be okay just leaving the duck out and adding more of the mushrooms?

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  1. Ya, Id just go with portobello mushrooms personally.

    1. Without the duck it will be a totally different dish, there is no substitute for the duck. So fine, do more mushrooms but it will not taste like the original dish.

        1. I would sub mushrooms or eggplant. Also not sure if your recipe calls for ricotta and lemon juice/zest, but that would go well with the other ingredients. You are going to need something with some flavor in it to make up for the duck braised in wine. If you're not going to use tomato sauce, you could try something like a spinach and garlic scape pesto. Ranging pretty far afield from the original now, but there you go.

          1. I'd do a second type of mushrooms -- fresh shitake would probably be my choice, with thinly-sliced portobellos (so that they're not too squelchy (I love them, but the texture can sometimes interrupt the mouthfeel of a dish) as a runner-up.

            I might also add some smoked paprika or smoked black pepper, assuming that smoked duck tastes smoky. (lifelong veggie here, IDK if smoked duck is especially smoky.)