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May 23, 2012 06:42 PM

Brushstroke supplements

I went to brushstroke last december and had a very enjoyable experience eating the 10 course $135 menu. I made reservations again for my anniversary this coming saturday. When i looked at an updated menu i saw that there were so many supplements. I don't remember all these supplements ($19 for sashimi, $16 for wagyu, extra for uni) in december. The only supplement i recall was for the dungeness crab rice pot. I remember sashimi was an included course. Wagyu didn't have a supplement. And the cod came with uni already. When did they add all these supplemental charges. For $135, I feel like there should be none of them. Maybe reconsidering anniversary plans. Any suggestions. On the Kyo-ya waiting list as of now.

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  1. I had the 10 course $135 summer tasting at Brushstroke recently. The meal was fantastic. But as the OP said there are supplement charges. I had the Wagyu , which had a $16 supplement and the lobster wild rice ( with corn, ikura ) a$20 supplement. The rice can be ordered ala carte for $40. I hate the idea of supplemental charges. But the rice was delicious and I had 3 bowls of it and took the rest home.( photo attached). The bill was high but the food was terrific. The service was great as well. The sommelier very knowledgeable . The executive chef
    Yamata-san, as I have mentioned before , had cooked at Kitcho in Kyoto, Japan for many years. His talent shows in the dishes served.

    1. Well before they were serving you that hybrid washugyu from Oregon, now they serve real wagyu from Japan, as a supplement. They've always had a supplement for sashimi, but thats for a larger portion of 3 more types of sashimi. Kyo ya will have supplements too like upgrading from domestic calfornia rice to Niigata rice.

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        There is no supplement charge for the 5 types of sashimi ( 2 pieces each), there is a larger portion for a supplemental charge. In any case , I hate the idea of supplements , but I guess they all do it. I do like that Brushstroke now allows ala carte ordering and they are open for lunch now.